Microsoft Apps Give Business Users Flexibility Across PCs and Mobile Devices

Microsoft Edge and Launcher Apps Come to Mobile Devices

Your smartphone gives you access to your small business when you are outside of the office. But when it comes to doing actual work, it leaves much to be desired. Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has just announced two apps to let you continue working on your PC if you happen to initiate them on your iOS or Android device.

Microsoft Edge and Launcher Apps

Microsoft Edge for iOS/Android and Microsoft Launcher for Android will allow you to move between your phone and PC. Pages and other data you have opened on your phone can be accessed on your Windows 10 PC so you can save or continue working on it.

One of the challenges small businesses face when it comes to technology is compatibility. Microsoft’s approach to bringing iOS and Android to the Edge browser integrates the two largest mobile platforms with the largest PC operating system. For Microsoft, this is one way to keep Windows PCs relevant as more people make smartphones their primary computing device.

In an interview on ZDnet, Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President of Windows and Devices explained, “By far, the majority of our Windows 10 users have iOS and Android phones. But there’s no good system to unify PCs with these phones. These two (Edge for iOS and Android) apps will knit all this together for all our customers.”

 Microsoft Edge and Launcher Apps Come to Mobile Devices

Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android

With this app, users on their iOS and Android mobile devices will be able to carry over Favorites, Reading List, New Tab Page and Reading View from their mobile devices to their PCs.

You can sign up to test the Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android preview apps here.

Microsoft Launcher for Android

With Microsoft Launcher, Android users will have additional options, including recent photos, documents and more. Launcher also makes your most relevant and recent feeds available with just a swipe. But more importantly, for small businesses using Continue on PC, they can keep on working on images, documents and other files on their PC.

Microsoft Edge and Launcher Apps Come to Mobile Devices

You can get the Microsoft Launcher preview here.


Microsoft Edge for iOS is available now in preview, with the Android version coming soon. Microsoft Launcher, on the other hand, is available now in preview for Android.

Both apps will be available as part of the Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which will be released globally on October 17, 2017.