need to buy a stunning, but broke Italian city? Mayor appeals to wealthy chinese language traders

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As stunning as Italy is, it’s going through a few extreme acute monetary crunch. Hidden away in its picturesque locations are the rusted gears trying to maintain up a creaking economy. One such location is San Sossio Baronia city in the Campania vicinity.
This mountain metropolis is home to 1,742 citizens. San Sossio Baronia is broke to the quantity that it doesn’t realize how it’ll retain to provide for its residents’ fundamental necessities. Francesco Garofalo – who’s been the metropolis’s mayor for the past seven years – took to fb looking for a “rich chinese language investor willing to take over the metropolis of [San] Sossio Baronia,” mentioning its “perennial loss of finances.”

The initial reaction to the publish changed into often jest, with people giggling it off. but then, in the comments, Garofalo tried a selling pitch by means of explaining that his town might be a higher bargain than Italian football clubs. “I would like to point out that the value would be barely lower than that of Inter and [AC] Milan,” he stated. according to the Washington submit, Garofalo said that fewer dogs might help preserve the town’s grassy areas in higher shape, in response to a user remark that stated chinese investors could end the town’s stray-canine crisis.