How New Packaging Helps Product Relaunch Campaigns

Removing a product from the market for any reason is a prime opportunity to go back to drawing board and create package designs that will maximize the sales potential for your brand. This process can help a product relaunch meet with tremendous success.

Placing an Improved Product Back On the Market

There is nothing unusual about pulling a product, making a few improvements and sending it back out again. It might even be a whole new product that has undergone tremendous changes from a previous version. You do not want to send out what is tantamount to a whole new product in the same old packaging. Maximizing the marketing potential means getting creative with new package design.

Packaging Failure Recall

Products that are brought back to you for package failure recall need to undergo some of the biggest scrutinies before attempting to send similar products out without a total package redesign. Anything less is setting your company up for another recall. You need to take the time to discover what the weaknesses are in your current packaging and get this remedied.

Product Quality Recall

New package design is a great idea if you have had medical products and devices returned for poor quality. Many people will associate the failure of before with your packaging. A fresh look can help minimize this type of negative impact upon relaunch.

Moving to Another Market

Package design elements like color can have different impacts in different parts of the globe. Do a little research on what drives successful package design in the new market you are intending to enter. This can give you an edge as you launch into the market.

Poor Customer Response to Current Packaging

Listen to your customer base. They are usually quick to let you know if there are elements of your current packaging they find difficult to deal with. It may be an obnoxious color, print too small, or the fact it is difficult to open. Address these concerns for your next round of manufacturing and delivery.

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