Now Pokemon Go on Apple watch

After a year and a half or so on sale, says Cook, Apple is now the number-two watch brand behind Rolex. And the top-selling smartwatch.

What we’re seeing here is something designed to blend Pokemon Go with your daily walk or run.

As you walk, you can see calories burned, for instance. When a Pokemon appears, you don’t have to take your iPhone out to capture it.

The second is Apple Watch Series 2.

Specifically, it’s water resistant to 50 meters.

To accommodate this water-proof design, Apple retooled the speaker so that it ejects any water that may have seeped in.

To develop the watch, Apple developed a swim simulator. The result of Apple’s research are two separate options in the stock Workout app: pool swimming and open-water swimming.

Under the hood, the Watch has a second-gen chip with a dual-core processor that’s up to 50 percent faster. There’s an “entirely new” GPU offering two times the graphics performance.

Meanwhile, the second-gen display is two times brighter than on the original.

There is a built-in GPS radio — a handy feature for runners like me who demand precise distance tracking.

Since the watch is specifically for the health conscious, Apple is partnering with Nike to bring a special edition.

The Hermes models are back with Series 2, including new colours and new bands. And then there is aceranic model.

The Apple Watch 2 and Nike version will cost $369. The original is getting upgraded with the dual-core processor and getting a price drop to $269. It’s now called “Series 1.”

September 16 launch date for the two Apple-branded ones. The Nike one arrives in October.