Shah Rukh Khan: Salman, Aamir and I share huge love and respect for each other

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The three Khans of Bollywood Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khanmade their foray into films at around the same time in the early 90s. While they did start out as competitors onscreen and have had their share of nasty fights (SRK and Salman’s spat at Katrina Kaif’s birthday bash was the most infamous one) almost 25 years later today all three of them have nothing but respect and love for each other.

When asked about Aamir anointing SRK and Salman as the bigger stars, King Khan said, “Between myself, Aamir and Salman we have a huge liking towards each other and we all feel the same about each other. I feel they are also bigger stars than me. If you ask Salman, he will also say the same thing. I think it is out of respect we say the same.”

Recollecting how kind the other two Khans were to him when he entered Bollywood, SRK said, “We have known each other for almost 25 years now.  From the day I stepped into their houses and their lives, they have been very kind. So I think lot of things that we say about each other should not be taken as the truth. When Aamir said that it is his way of showing respect and regard and he is being dignified. We show each other a lot respect. We three are at that stage in our lives that apart from respecting each other, we don’t know anything else to do. We have to respect each other for whatever we have done.”