Six mistakes you’re making when loading your dishwasher

MOST people just throw the dishes in the dishwasher wherever they may fit — that’s the luxury of having a washer in the first place right?

Wrong. Experts say you’re not loading this handy appliance properly.

Carolyn Forte, director of home appliances for the Good Housekeeping Institute, told the Independent that the chore causes a lot of angst among families.

“This is still a battle ground, and people have such strong feelings about things like pre-rinsing,” she said. “It’s a little bit of a control issue,” she said.

Here’s what she said are the most common mistakes people do when using the dishwasher.

Pre-rinsing dishes

There’s no need to pre-rinse at all as it only wastes water- unless you aren’t running the load right away.

Otherwise, just scrape or wipe the food away from dirty plates

Never load wooden spoons

As they may crack.

And as for cutleries, expert Carolyn added: “We recommend you put the knives in with the blades down and the forks go up. Of course, do this carefully. Mix the spoons up and down. Don’t put all the spoons in one basket.”

Throwing in dishes without a thought

“Make sure surfaces are exposed enough so water and detergent can get to them. If a bowl is blocking a glass, it won’t get clean,” Carolyn advises.

Loading baking trays incorrectly

They should be placed on the side or back of the lower rack of the machine, never in the front.

Tossing dishwasher tablets directly in

Not putting them in the dispenser will make the tablet dissolve in the pre-wash cycle and will be gone when it comes to actually washing your dishes.

Not using enough rinse-aid

This handy liquid makes water less likely to stick to your shiny dishes, and will ensure there are no spots or film left on your glassware.