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How many drinks do you have in a week? It can predict how soon you will die

Here’s some sobering news. A large international study says adults should average no more than one alcoholic drink per day, and that means drinking guidelines in many countries may be far too loose. The study found that people who down more than seven drinks a week can expect to die sooner than those who drink less. “What this is saying Read More

Hit the bed early every night. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will die soon

Staying up awake late in the night will make you feel much more than just being groggy in the morning. According to a study, if you are a “night owl”, or like to stay up late and have trouble dragging yourself out of bed in the morning, you are at a higher risk of dying sooner than morning “larks,” people Read More

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Prefer to die than stray from AAP values: Arvind Kejriwal on Sandeep sacking

Can you name the winner of the New York Global Leaders Dialogue Humanitarian Award 2015 or just simply tell us what is Yutu? If you think these questions are tough then digest this — these questions were framed for Class 1 student. While anyone has to take help of google to find answers, the Karnataka ICSE Schools Association (KISA) has Read More

‘Really thought I was going to die’: Richard Branson on bike crash

Sir Richard Branson, Virgin founder and Britain’s best known businessman today said that he thought he was “going to die” after an horrific bike crash on Caribbean island Virgin Gorda this week. Branson was cycling with his two children on the British Virgin Islands when he hit a hump in the road. In a post on the Virgin website, the Read More