Prefer to die than stray from AAP values: Arvind Kejriwal on Sandeep sacking

Can you name the winner of the New York Global Leaders Dialogue Humanitarian Award 2015 or just simply tell us what is Yutu? If you think these questions are tough then digest this — these questions were framed for Class 1 student.

While anyone has to take help of google to find answers, the Karnataka ICSE Schools Association (KISA) has given these sample questions to help six-years-old prepare for the talent search examination which they conduct every year. Though the test is optional, the level of difficulty has stunned everyone.

A lot of parents have shown their displeasure on the social media platform. Sahana Rao, whose daughter has enrolled in the exam, shared the current affairs section on Twitter. She tweeted “Students cannot even read the questions. Even I found it difficult to answer. I am appalled at the level of difficulty of the questions,” she said. She added that the other six sections, including computer application, environment science, English and mathematics, are relatively simpler.