Danish Kaneria returns home from India

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Banned Pakistan check leg-spinner Danish Kaneria has made a quiet return here along with his family after acting non secular rituals in India, bringing to an give up hypothesis approximately him seeking to settle down in the neighbouring country.
“I assume with me now again in Karachi every body who become speaking about me going to India to calm down there or even accused me of creating anti-Pakistan cricket statements have were given their answer,” Kaneria stated.
The leg-spinner, who is most effective the second Hindu to play test cricket for Pakistan, said he had insisted all along that he went to India handiest to perform his religious duties.
“i’m returned now because Pakistan is my usa and my place of birth,” he introduced.
Kaneria, who became banned for lifestyles for spot-fixing in 2012 via England and Wales Cricket Board, also claimed innocence of the crime.
“Why ought to I admit or confess to something I by no means did. As it’s miles, the Pakistan Board did not aid me or listen to my tale and i have suffered quite a few humiliation and monetary losses so what greater can show up now,” he said.
Kaneria, who took 261 test wickets for Pakistan, had dissatisfied the Pakistan Board while in an interview in India he stated he became discriminated against because he changed into a Hindu through faith.
“I just stated that the way the PCB has omitted and sidelined my case I feel isolated and permit down. My case has in no way been taken up well by the PCB. If there may be concrete
proof towards me of wrong doing I ask them to expose it to the sector as soon as for all,” Kaneria stated.
“if you don’t get justice and interest what else can you experience when you belong to a minority network,” he added.
The Pakistan Cricket Board rubbished Kaneria’s claims and in a assertion reminded the leg-spinner that he played sixty one exams for Pakistan.
“If he turned into discriminated against at any time due to his religion he would now not have played even one match for Pakistan,” the PCB said in a announcement.
PCB Chairman Shaharyar Khan also currently stated he turned into upset at Kaneria’s feedback and that the leg-spinner needed to be cautious while making statements approximately Pakistan cricket inside the Indian media.