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For rappers, wealth doesn’t always rhyme with health

Fat Joe lost more than 100 pounds after fellow rapper Big Punisher died following a heart attack in 2000. (Maury Phillips/Getty Images) Rappers are known for their ill rhymes and sometimes extravagant wealth, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into physical health. “Feel Rich,” a documentary that asks members of the hip-hop community how they stay healthy, suggests that the benefits Read More

Jio Phone Pre-Booking: Jio Server Crashes, MyJio App Doesn’t Allow Users to Order the Mobile

HIGHLIGHTS Jio Phone bookings can be made using MyJio app However, consumers are unable to login to the app, or open the Jio site The bookings officially started at 5:30pm IST Jio Phone pre-bookings have finally started but it seems not many people are able to book the handset right now. This would come as a disappointment to the millions of Read More

Trump doesn’t think Mueller should look into his business transactions. Too late.

Just yesterday, President Donald Trump told a trio of New York Times reporters that if special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation turned to his finances, he’d view it as a “violation” of Mueller’s charge. “This is about Russia,” Trump said. But according to a new report by Bloomberg’s Greg Farrell and Christian Berthelsen, investigators had already been investigating several Trump business transactions with Russians. Read More

The health care industry doesn’t love Obamacare enough to save it

Pacific Press / Getty Images The health care industry killed Hillarycare in the 1990s and cut deals to shape Obamacare more to its liking in 2009. But now, as Republicans push a sweeping and widely reviled health bill through Congress, the industry has often appeared declawed in the biggest health care fight of the decade. It’s a deliberate strategy, interviews Read More

No, Rs 2000 note doesn’t have nano GPS for tracking but it may have RFID

Even before Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the big note recall last night, there was an image of the a new Rs 2000 currency note floating within WhatsApp groups. But everyone thought it was a hoax. It wasn’t. It was real. But there indeed was something about it that was a hoax and that little something was what people called Read More

Biopic doesn’t glorify me but shows my journey, says Dhoni

He wanted the biopic on him to show his journey, the inherent struggles in ‘decision making processes’ rather than ‘glorify him’ and that’s precisely what Mahendra Singh Dhoni told film’s director Neeraj Pandey during the conceptual phase of ‘MS Dhoni-The Untold Story’. In the United States along with wife Sakshi and producer Arun Pandey (whose firm manages Dhoni) to promote his Read More

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Run away! Why it really doesn’t matter what trainers you wear

There’s nothing more soul-sapping than a lengthy chat with a barefoot-running fundamentalist – as a new scientific study proves Baffled and barefoot … Is running shoeless more natural? Photograph: Eamonn McCabe for the Guardian I’m not averse to running: I run most days, for fitness and fresh air, and because it’s healthier than drugs for enhancing one’s mood. It’s sociable, Read More