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How To Vet The Best Technology Stack For Your Employees

The technology you’re using may be driving employees to distraction — or out the door. While your company’s decision to use Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive may not seem like a life-changing choice at face value, your employees feel otherwise. It may be the single thing they interact with most in their daily work lives, and workers need a tech Read More

Workplace wellness programmes benefit healthy employees more than others

A number of studies have pointed to the potential benefits of workplace wellness programmes — from increased gym use to decreased health-care spending. But what wasn’t clear was whether wellness programs are really making people healthier, or whether healthier people are more likely to enroll in them. A new study suggests it’s the latter. Long before this insight was revealed by science, it was Read More

Samsung Announces ‘Corporate Privilege Programme’ Sale for Corporate Employees in India

HIGHLIGHTS Samsung Corporate Privilege Programme sale lasts until January 31 It brings offers on various smartphones and consumer electronics products Samsung has built a dedicated online store section to offer various deals Samsung India on Tuesday launched its special sale under the Corporate Privilege Programme for over two million corporate employees from over 500 of the top companies in the country. Read More

63% of Indian employees believe machines will replace people

Employees in India are getting ready for automated workplace as 63 per cent of workforce believes that machines will replace people for repetitive work. According to a study by ADP, a leader in Human Capital solutions, nearly two thirds (63 per cent) of employees in India believe automation, smart machines and artificial intelligence will replace people for repetitive work, and Read More