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Real estate can challenge even the most optimistic souls. Browsing Zillow can be fun, but when it’s your business, the stakes are a little higher—production, fulfillment, sanity. Designer Bridgett Cochran and artist Kelly Porter, co-founders of the artisan wallcovering and fabrics studio Porter Teleo, found themselves at that pivotal point. “We had outgrown our space and started to look for a new one Read More

Everything you need to know about kefir

Forget chia seeds or kale: fermented foods are the health trend of the moment and the new kid on the block is kefir – a cultured, fermented milk drink. Similar to yogurt, kefir has a slightly more tart, sour taste (some say it’s ‘fizzy’ thanks to the carbon dioxide produced during the fermentation process). Traditionally, it’s made by adding a live culture of Read More

Everything you need to know about turmeric

Tumeric is old news in Asia, where people have been reaping the benefits of this native spice for thousands of years. But it seems that the western world is only just cottoning on to how much this wonder root can help improve our everyday health and wellbeing, with many newspapers reporting on one woman’s recent claims that it has helped her recover from blood cancer. Read More

Everything you need to know about taking a pregnancy test

  Home pregnancy tests are easy to find and extremely accurate when used correctly. However, there are several things you need to take into consideration when testing for pregnancy using a shop-bought product. Here, we chat to the team at the period-tracking app Clue for the down-low on everything you need to know about taking a pregnancy test. When to take a pregnancy Read More

Google Pixel 2 Now Available in India: Price, Specifications, and Everything Else You Need to Know

HIGHLIGHTS Pixel 2 price in India starts at Rs. 61,000 Pixel 2 XL price in India starts at Rs. 73,000 For now, the Pixel 2 is available to buy in India Google Pixel 2 is now available to buy in India starting Wednesday. The new Pixel smartphone will be going on sale online exclusively on Flipkart while will be also Read More

Xolo Era 2X India launch on January 5: Here’s everything we should know

New Delhi: Lava’s sub-brand Xolo is scheduled to launch its smartphone Xolo Era 2X on January 5. It will go on sale from January 9, 2017. Here are the expected features: 1)The press invite talks uses hashtag #TaptoLife. Nothing more than this is mentioned in the press release. There is a major possibility that Tap option to Unlock functionality may Read More

Audi Q2 SUV: Everything you need to know

Audi is adding a brand new crossover to its Q line-up in the form of its smallest SUV yet – the Q2. It’s been designed to stand out as the small, funky, youthful offering with distinctive looks, vibrant colours and plenty of customisation options. Away from the car’s distinct character, it’s still a premium vehicle, with a quality matching other Read More