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A revolution in the offing?

When COVID-19 struck in 2020, around 320 million students were suddenly out of school. Though ed-tech companies jumped in to connect students with their schools, this was possible only to a limited audience. Many students in rural areas were not equipped with the required resources and, therefore, faced several challenges in this sudden shift to online learning. According to various Read More

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Time for A Fashion Revolution!

All of us have tried to bolster somebody up once before. Because being brave is important, that’s what we were told ever since we were children – because weren’t it always the stronger kids who would get their way? Indeed, it is totally okay not to be brave in some situations and give somebody else the advantage, but even in Read More

A silent revolution in education

I am one to believe that in 2013 the sun did not shine on the education sector. A lot has been done over the decades and over the past 20 years education has seen good progress, especially in support services. In my view, there was a lot of good but also a lot of room for improvement. I think the system Read More