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Benefits of apple cider vinegar, your answer to weight loss, diabetes, skin problems

If you are not finding time to exercise and are not able to include healthy foods in your daily diet, an ever expanding waistline is going to be the ultimate result. If this is what you have been facing for quite some time, then apple cider vinegar is the natural drink that can come to your rescue, and help you cut down Read More

Artificial Intelligence can better detect skin cancer than dermatologists

An artificial intelligence system can better detect skin cancer than experienced dermatologists, a study has found. Researchers trained a form of artificial intelligence or machine learning known as a deep learning convolutional neural network (CNN) to identify skin cancer by showing it more than 100,000 images of malignant melanomas (the most lethal form of skin cancer), as well as benign Read More

Amazing Benefits Of Mushrooms For A Healthy Skin

Mushrooms are packed with many essential vitamins and minerals that are quite healthy for the body. They are an excellent source of vitamins like D, B1, B2, B3, B5 and B9. These healthy vitamins are found in other vegetables as well but after cooking, these vitamins tend to disappear. Since mushrooms are rarely prepared with boiling water, these vitamins tend to stay Read More

How coconut oil can do wonders for your skin and diet

Coconuts can enhance the sweetness of desserts and also make for a good moisturiser, toner, and make-up remover, suggest experts. In fact, Victoria Beckham swears by it. Purba Kalita, co-founder at salebhai.com, and Sonia Mathur, head and trainer at Divine Organics, list ways to incorporate coconut in different ways: If you are looking to give a twist to your daily fruit Read More

6 Easy Homemade Bodhttps://droidoo.com/6-easy-homemade-body-scrubs-skin-types/y Scrubs For All Skin Types

  What comes to your mind when you think of pampering your skin which suffers due to the harsh sun’s rays or to get rid of the dullness caused by the dust particles blocking your skin pores or the heavy pollution that steals the glow away from your face? Beauty experts will tell you that exfoliation is the best way to remove dead Read More

Summer Skin Care: How to Choose Sunscreen Quick Tips That’ll Come Handy

It’s that time of the year again! Bring out those trendy flip-flops and cut-sleeve blouse, but forget not to take extra care of your health and beauty. Undeniably, summers in India can get supremely hot. Direct exposure to heat can damage your hair as well as your skin. A mix of sweat, dirt and humidity and wreak havoc on your Read More

5 Easy Tips to Take Care of Your Skin After Playing Holi

  Holi – the festival of colours is here! The time when you put all rules on hold and let the child within loose, playing with colours, dancing on paan banaras wala, and simply soaking up the sun as you gorge on gujias and gulp down the thandai. As you get ready to have all the fun, make sure that your Read More

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Take Care of Your Skin After a Day at the Beach

Who doesn’t love a little fun in the sun?   A day at the beach can be very relaxing for both body and soul. Just make sure you take good care of your skin once you return home.  This way your skin stays smooth, healthy, and hydrated even after you spent a long day enjoying surf and sun. Updated by Read More

Skin Care Advice For Your Oily T-Zone

If you have oily or combination skin, chances are good you struggle with your t-zone. If you’re unfamiliar with a t-zone, imagine drawing a “T” on your face just like what you see in the photo here. Your t-zone consists of your forehead, nose, and chin. These are common places that have excess oil, acne, and blackheads for people who Read More

At-Home Skin Resurfacing with Facial Scrubs

If you’re not keen on using medication or chemicals to improve your skin texture, simple facial scrubs may be more of your style. Background Facial scrubs are the weakest of all at-home skin resurfacing modalities. That’s the disadvantage – they’re weak. What’s the advantage? They’re also generally the least expensive method of skin resurfacing. It’s even possible to make a Read More