3 Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Office

Many companies are implementing environmentally sustainable practices in their offices to promote healthy, happy work environments for their employees. However, it’s not always clear how to launch these eco-friendly initiatives, particularly when the time to get your office-greening project going might compete for the time you spend attending to your other pressing work responsibilities. This article will walk you through three quick and easy ways to make your office a more environmentally friendly and satisfying place to work.

Tackle the Technology

Updating your office’s digital technology is a great way to boost productivity, lower energy costs, and lessen your company’s environmental impact. This requires a time investment up front while you analyze your company’s current equipment and research more energy and time efficient replacements, but it will all be worthwhile when making the switch saves time, frustration, and energy in the future. As you bring in the new, cleaner tech, make sure you dispose of your old equipment responsibly. If you’re not sure how to proceed, just reach out to a local expert. Searching IT equipment disposal Toronto could be all it takes.

Encourage Employees

Your company’s environmental efforts don’t have to be entirely limited to in-office activities. Encouraging and facilitating employees’ eco-oriented choices is another great way to boost morale and create a culture of sustainability at your organization. Making your office a drop off point for a local farm’s CSA is a wonderful way to engage your company in the community, encourage employees’ healthy and sustainable choices, and cultivate a more positive work environment.

Pursue Periodic Projects

To engage your office in on-going environmental initiatives, create a sustainability schedule for activities that employees can sign up to participate in each month. These should be simple but impactful activities that will create enthusiasm without making unreasonable demands on your coworkers’ time. Switching office lightbulbs to more efficient options, collecting recycling, and implementing a monthly bike to work day are all fun and easy options to get the ball rolling.

Don’t hesitate to create a more environmentally friendly work environment. Use these simple and sustainable tips to get started!