3 Tried-and-True Baby Shower Gifts for a Coworker

A coworker is expecting his or her first child and you’ve been invited to the office baby shower. While you are no doubt excited to help your officemate welcome a new addition to the family, you are truly stumped for a present. Here are some tried-and-true gift ideas that are both fun and practical.

1. Go Gender Neutral

There are various reasons why you might want to go this route. Many new parents are opting out of knowing the gender of their baby before its birth. Gender neutral baby gifts are a practical solution for office baby showers and offer a break from the sea of otherwise pink or blue presents.

2. Stick to the Registry

Kudos to you if you happen to know your coworker enough to pick out a gift they will love. However, most of us aren’t that well acquainted with the rest of the office staff. Find out if your coworker is registered at any stores and pick a gift idea from the list. If you purchase the gift at another store, make sure to have the registry updated afterwards.

3. Give as a Group

Don’t shy away from a group gift from your office or team. This is a great way to get your coworker something he or she really wants or needs without breaking the bank.

Some great group gift ideas are personalized baby gift baskets, meal delivery service subscriptions, and even a much-wanted piece of furniture if you have a big office. Some offices will simply opt to gather contributions and give it as cash or in gift cards.

4. Keep It Tasteful

Keep gifts tasteful and useful, so you know they will be appreciated. Don’t go overboard on lavish or expensive gifts unless you know the new parents well or are purchasing on behalf of a larger group of coworkers.

Remember, a baby shower is about the new baby and growing family. Your gift should reflect the respect and professionalism of your office while celebrating your coworker’s new parenting adventure.