Benefits Of Drinking Water: 8 Ways To Ensure You Are Having Enough Water

Benefits Of Drinking Water: 8 Ways To Ensure You Are Having Enough Water

Experts around the world cannot emphasise enough on the need to stay hydrated at all times. Also dubbed as the elixir of life, water controls and manages several critical functions like digestion, transporting nutrients and oxygen to the cells, preventing constipation and maintaining the electrolyte (sodium) balance. The body also eliminates water through urine and sweat, which is why it is essential to keep a tab and ensure you consume enough water through the day. For all those wondering, ‘how much water should I drink in a day?’, it is popularly believed that one must have up to eight glasses of water daily, though this may vary for different people. Also, drinking water should not be contingent on whether you are particularly thirsty or not. A healthy body’s water reserves can ensure you go on for long hours without water. Apart from feeling thirsty, other signs that indicate that you may not be drinking enough water include muscle cramps, dry skin, chapped lips and constipation.

Benefits of Drinking Water

From weight loss to giving you a supple skin, the benefits of water are aplenty. Here are some benefits of water you must know:

  • Flushes out toxins
  • Promote weight loss
  • Boost immunity system
  • Prevent headaches
  • Prevent cramps
  • Keep your skin supple and radiant
  • Boosts brain power and energy
  • Prevent dehydration
  • Helps in hair growth and boosting hair volume
  • Helps maintain the fluid balance of body

Here are some easy and dependable ways you can ensure you have enough water on a daily basis.

1. Carrying Your Own Water Bottle

Heading out for work or a quick trip to the market? Make sure you carry your own water bottle along. Also drink a glass of water before you step out. Make it an everyday ritual. Keep sipping on some water from time to time, even when you are not thirsty. If your job requires you to be at your desk all day, with very little physical activity involved, chances are you may not be feeling thirsty as often. Here’s where your handy bottle can come to your rescue. Make sure you take an empty bottle back home.

water bottleHow much water to drink: Keep sipping on some water from time to time

2. Set Reminders On Phone

Most smartphones allow you to set multiple reminders or alarms nowadays. Amongst the many that you set for your work related concerns, let 5-7 of them be dedicated to your daily water intake too. This way, even if you are too caught up in work or meetings, your phone will remind you of the much needed water break.

3. Replacing Sodas and Colas with Water

Ditch aerated beverages and sugarycolas with a glass of water. This will not only ensure that you stay away from loading up on unnecessary liquid calories but also help ensure your daily water intake is optimum.

water 650How much water to drink:Ditch aerated beverages and sugary colas with a glass of water

4. Include More Water Rich Foods in the Diet

Fruits like watermelon, pineapple and veggies like cucumber are full of water. In fact, 94 percent of watermelon’s weight is just water. Make sure you include these in your diet in form of salads and smoothies. Doing so would also ensure you are well-hydrated through the day.


How much water to drink:Fruits like watermelon, pineapple and veggies like cucumber are full of water

5. Avoid Food and Beverages That Cause Dehydration

Cut down on foods and beverages that cause dehydration. High sodium foods, aerated beverages are some usual suspects that should be on your ‘to avoid list’. An excess of beverages like coffee and tea are also guilty of leaving you dehydrated. Make sure you strike a balance and not replace water with coffee or tea.

coffee How much water to drink: Beverages like coffee and tea are also guilty of leaving you dehydrated

6. Flavour Your Water

Meeting your plain old glass of water 8-10 times a day may get monotonous. How about making the experience fun and flavourful? Dunk your favourite herbs like mintand coriander in your daily pitcher. You can also cut fresh slices of pineapple and cucumber or add spices like cinnamon to make water-breaks a thing to wait for.

waterHow much water to drink: Drink lots of  water with your favourite herbs like mint and coriander in your daily pitcher.

7. Chug a Glass After Every Bathroom Break

Down a glass of water after every bathroom break. Make it a ritual. After leaving the restroom, instead of heading straight to the TV room, make a little detour to kitchen and grab yourself a glass of water.

sparkling waterDrinking water should not be contingent on whether you are particularly thirsty or not

8. Keep a Tumbler or Jug of Water in Every Room

Most often it is our laziness, more than anything else, that prevents us from drinking enough water. It is very easy to say, “Who’s going to walk to the kitchen now, I am not even that thirsty”! An easy way to ensure that is not the case is to keep a jug of water accessible to you at all times. On your bedside tables, in the TV room, on the dining table. Not only you, your family too now has no reason to skip that glass of water.


Your body will only use the water you supply it with so make sure you are hydrated at all times. Keep these tips handy and go drink a glass of water now!