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Apple wants to gather all your medical records in the Health app

Apple announced a new health effort as part of iOS 11.3. The new Health Records section in the Health app lets you gather and view all your medical records. The company is partnering with hospitals and clinics. Apple released the first beta version of iOS 11.3 today. While the new version of iOS is going to remain in beta testing for a couple Read More

Why micro-actions are the secret to smashing your healthy resolutions

When you decide to get healthy, it’s easy to look at your new and improved life in sweeping terms – ‘I’m going to lose a stone, only eat healthy food, and work out all the time.’ While it’s great to commit yourself to healthier habits, the problem with this broad approach is that these statements can feel overwhelming. One missed Read More

Everything you need to know about turmeric

Tumeric is old news in Asia, where people have been reaping the benefits of this native spice for thousands of years. But it seems that the western world is only just cottoning on to how much this wonder root can help improve our everyday health and wellbeing, with many newspapers reporting on one woman’s recent claims that it has helped her recover from blood cancer. Read More

This is why we tend to overeat in the evening, according to a study

  Are you able to breeze through a day at work without so much as thinking about snacks, only to get home and spend the evening as a slave to the fridge? Well, according to the latest research, science could be to blame for your after-hours cravings. New findings by scientists in the USA have shown that, in the evening, we experience Read More

Oestrogen-mimickers: Chemical in bread, soybean may reverse breast cancer therapy

Oestrogen-mimicking compounds found in breads, soybean and a range of commonly consumed grains can reverse the effects of ‘breakthrough’ drug therapy used to treat breast cancer, scientists have found. The study, published in the journal Cell Chemical Biology, suggests that exposure to chemical compounds called xenoestrogens may significantly reduce the effectiveness of anti-oestrogen treatments for cancer. “Breast cancer patients taking Read More

Aquatic dangers: Water sports may expose you to antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Love to play water sports like surfing or bodyboarding? Beware, you may be three times more likely to swallow antibiotic-resistant Escherichia coli or E.coli bacteria in your guts, new research has revealed. Surfers were found to swallow ten times more sea water than sea swimmers, making them more vulnerable to E.coli bacteria. Regular surfers were also found four times as Read More

Women runners, this special mineral and nutrient supplement will help you run faster

A study has recently found that women who take supplements, especially prepared blend of minerals and nutrients, for a month can significantly help them run faster. The women who took the supplement also saw three-mile run times drop by almost a minute. They also found that the group saw their 3-mile run time drop from 26.5 minutes on average to Read More

Not just your diet: Weight-loss surgery may halve risk of death in adults

Obese middle-aged men and women who undergo bariatric surgery for weight loss may have reduced their risk of death by 50 % than those tackling their weight through diet and behaviour alone, finds a study. Weight loss in bariatric surgery is achieved by reducing the size of the stomach with a gastric band or through removal of a portion of Read More

Ladies, take note. Diabetes during pregnancy increases risk of heart disease, BP

Women who have diabetes during pregnancy are at a higher risk of developing type-2 diabetes, hypertension and ischemic heart disease in the future, warns a recent study. The findings indicated that women diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) were over 20 times more likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes later in life, over two and a half times Read More

Battle wounds: Mother of 4 shares the reality of post-partum bodies in this viral post

New mothers will vouch for this. There’s tremendous pressure to bounce back to pre-baby body. Pregnancy scars and stretch marks are seldom discussed openly. However, this “bouncing back” is a very distorted image of what motherhood is like. For most women, the first few weeks after giving birth are spent figuring out this whole new person they’ve brought into this Read More