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Eating fibre-rich food like whole grains and legumes can help lose weight and trim your waistline

Your mom was right. Scientists have discovered that eating more fibre can help trim one’s waistline and combat obesity. Fibre can be found in whole grains, fruit, vegetables and legumes, and it is recommended we consume around 30g a day. In the research, the scientists revealed that fibre intake could affect weight, as well as blood sugar, insulin sensitivity and Read More

Insufficient zinc supply to lung cells can cause respiratory diseases

  Respiratory diseases that develop due to an overproduction of mucus are caused by an insufficient zinc supply to lung epithelial cells, a study has found. Obstructive pulmonary disease is a collective term for refractory respiratory diseases with chronic airway inflammation and excessive mucus retention that are accompanied by airway obstruction. They include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) that presents Read More

This year, here’s how you can make your New Year’s fitness resolution and stick to it

It’s no surprise that many of us pick staying fit as a New Year’s resolution. Here are some simple tips by Arushi Verma, co-founder, FITPASS that will help you stay motivated. Be specific – Getting healthy and fit is a vague goal. So, in the coming year, be specific if you want to lose weight/ inches or you want to gain Read More

‘Raw Water’ Is a New Health Trend. But Is It Safe?

A New York Times story in December introduced a new health buzzword to the masses: raw water, or water that hasn’t been treated, filtered or processed in any way. While the beverage isn’t widespread yet, a number of untreated water startups have cropped up in states ranging from California to Maine, according to the Times. They’re attracting those with misgivings about tap water treatment processes and Read More

Alphabet spinoff Cityblock raises $20 million to help low-income Americans get health care

Iyah Romm, Cityblock CEO Here’s a story that bucks the idea that the tech industry is selfish and myopic: A technology start-up raised more than $20 million this week to help low-income Americans, including the elderly and the homeless, access basic health services. Cityblock Health, which spun out of Alphabet’s urban innovation unit, Sidewalk Labs, will use its funds to open up Read More

Health staff boycott vaccination drive

Health inspectors take out a protest march at Malappuram on Friday. Three youngsters arrested for attack on nurse while administering vaccine in Malappuram Government doctors, nurses and health inspectors involved in the Measles-Rubella (MR) vaccination campaign in the district boycotted the immunisation programme on Friday in protest against the attack on a nurse while administering MR vaccine to children at Read More

Privacy groups outraged over failure to inform Aussies about a new government health record

PRIVACY groups have slammed the Federal Government for their silence over a controversial internet health record forced on every Australian as of next year. More than $1.7 billion of taxpayer’s money has gone into developing a personalised My Health Record for every Australian. It will detail every subsidised medicine used, every doctor and hospital visit, blood test result, X-ray and scan ever Read More

The grim reality of what convinces us to take our health seriously

Moment of truth. (Reuters/Jim Young) In 2014, one of my family members became seriously ill. It changed the way I thought about my body. I became more aware of everything that could go wrong, and the importance of identifying potential problems early. After 10 years of not seeing a doctor, I went for a check-up. My experience was not unusual. Recent research (pdf) by Read More

Diabetes patients often experience mental health issues

New research suggests that diabetes is not just something that affects people physically. A report has highlighted the need for people with diabetes to be provided with better mental health support, according to A survey, conducted by Diabetes UK, suggests that three out of five diabetics suffer from emotional and mental health difficulties, directly linked to their illness. About Read More

Eat more green leafy vegetables & fruits to live longer, reduce risk of heart failure

Here’s another reason to eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, as according to scientists, a plant-based diet may help to reduce the risk of a deadly heart failure. According to the study, people who eat more fruits and vegetables are 42% less likely to develop the condition than those who consumed fewer plant-based foods. Another team of researchers also Read More