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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE goes on sale

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE was announced earlier this week after months of anticipation. It comes with a Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100 chipset, depending on the market, and today its sale started in some regions, ahead of the initially announced January 11 date. The price of the phone begins from €749/£699 for the 6/128 GB model and can be purchased at Read More

In setback to NCP, BJP wins seat in Pune DCCB’s board of directors

In a setback to NCP, a leader who quit the party recently to join the BJP, Pradeep Kand, won a seat in the Pune District Central Cooperative Bank’s board of directors on Tuesday. The NCP won the remaining six of the seven seats, for which elections were held. Elections to cooperative banks are held in an indirect manner, with cooperative societies Read More

Marketing Strategy And Planning Has Changed So Dramatically You Won’t Recognize It

   Gone Are 12-Month Plans, Dedicated Strategy Time And A Defined Set Of Deliverables For 15 years prior to Square 2, I worked in corporate marketing. Every October and November, we cleared the decks and worked on the upcoming year’s marketing strategy and plan. It took weeks to get the plan together, it was comprehensive and then it required a Read More

Get Paid on YouTube: How You Can Do It Quickly?

YouTube is an amazing platform that has a lot of potential for connecting and educating people. On the other end of the YouTube spectrum, hosts on YouTube known as “Creators” also have a huge potential for making money. If you are associated with content creation on YouTube or if you are interested in starting a channel, you need to read Read More

5 Reasons to Move to St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

If you’re planning to move to a city in Canada, one possible choice is St. Thomas, Ontario. Located north of Lake Erie and in southern Ontario, St. Thomas is an energetic city with a population of only a little over 40,000 residents. Its location and the relatively uncongested area isn’t all that’s attractive about St. Thomas. Here are more compelling Read More

Bible Mini Books for Preschool Children

Bible mini books for preschool children are delightful books to give or make. Mini Christian Books for Kids It is often difficult for preschool aged children to understand stories when they are read directly from the Bible. The complex language is confusing to youngsters who are learning about Christianity. Instead, look for children’s Bible stories that have been retold in a format Read More


Windows 10 has given Android users a reason to rejoice. Like Team iPhone, they too can enjoy the convenience of taking and making phone calls directly from a computer. While this update came about in February before most were working from home, it’s especially pertinent now that we’re relying on a condensed version of our regular office tools and space. Let’s Read More

Adding a separator line between your posts

This article shows how to put a horizontal separator line between posts in your blog, using either HTML’s line command, or CSS rules.  It also has suggestions about ways of formatting these lines using different colours and line-styles.   There are at least four approaches to choose from if you want to put a divider between your posts in Blogger. Read More

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Time for A Fashion Revolution!

All of us have tried to bolster somebody up once before. Because being brave is important, that’s what we were told ever since we were children – because weren’t it always the stronger kids who would get their way? Indeed, it is totally okay not to be brave in some situations and give somebody else the advantage, but even in Read More

Withdrawal Timeline & Symptoms of Detoxification of Methamphetamine

The use of methamphetamine is rising across the planet and somehow touching an alarming level in several countries among various age groups. The potential of addiction to meth is important that results in the entire reliance on the drug for normal functioning of the brain and body. The dependence on meth is somewhat serious in that it will foster crashes Read More