Cute Workout Clothes Under $50 To Give Your Fitness Fanatic Friend

The top New Year’s resolution is always the vow to lose weight or get into shape. And for us, this year is no different. After quickly polling the HuffPost Lifestyle editors to see what they really wanted for the holidays, “cute workout clothes” was on almost everyone’s list.

And when it comes to exercising we just want to sweat, look good while doing it, and try not to go bankrupt in the process. Is that too much to ask for?

Nope! We’ve pulled together some fabulous fitness gear for under $50. It’s time to give your loved ones (or yourself) the gift of oh-so-stylish health.
  • Old Navy
    To buy: Old Navy “Go-Dry” pullover, $28.
  • Under Armour
    To buy: Under Armour “Mid” sports bra, $25.
  • Gap
    To buy: Gap “Breathe” tee, $35.
  • MyHabit
    To buy: Head “Prisma” leggings, $22.
  • Adidas
    To buy: Adidas by Stella McCartney media player armband, $40.
  • Athleta
    To buy: Athleta “Parkour” gloves, $39.
  • Nike
    To buy: Nike “Signal” top, $30.
  • American Apparel
    To buy: American Apparel nylon gym bag, $24.
  • New Balance
    To buy: New Balance “Accelerate” running tights, $50.
  • Adidas
    To buy: Adidas “Battle of the Birds” hoodie, $45.
  • Nordstrom
    To buy: Zella “Z5” top, $25.
  • Nordstrom
    To buy: ToeSox “Bella” half-toe studio socks, $16.
  • Victoria’s Secret
    To buy: Victoria’s Secret “Lightweight” bra, $38.
  • Amazon
    To buy: MBJ fleece hoodie, $23.