Fairmont native honored for commitment to education

Donna Peduto

Donna Peduto, second from left, is being honored yet again for her commitment to education in West Virginia.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A native and current resident of Fairmont, West Virginia, has been awarded the National Council of State Boards of Education’s David Kysilko Award. Donna Peduto is being honored for her commitment to improving education in West Virginia, her service to the state school board and her collegial approach to state policymaking, officials said.

For five years, Peduto served as director of operations for the West Virginia state Board of Education, where she was a key adviser to board members and a liaison to the West Virginia Department of Education executive leadership, governor’s office, chairs of the legislative education committees and other leaders and organizations around the state, officials said.

“Donna exemplifies the dedication and passion that drives the work of state boards of education,” said John-Paul Hayworth, executive director of the District of Columbia State Board of Education and current National Council of State Boards of Education Executives.

Peduto now directs the West Virginia Public Education Collaborative.

The 2017 David Kysilko Award will be presented Nov. 4 in Atlanta.