This guy abused Netflix on Twitter and their response deserves an applause!

netflix india 480

Looks like the guys at Netflix India are actually in a mood to chill these days. So, on July 7, they decided to trend the hashtag #LifeWithoutNetflix and insisted that their users don’t have to live a life with Netflix.

Amid a lot of other responses came a tweet from a frustrated user who couldn’t contain his anger and decided to take it out by abusing them publicly. Twitter user @fivepm tweeted: “bh****di walon, card accept karte nahi ho aur Life without NetFlix karte ho.”

But no, Netflix India didn’t ignore it. They responded too and rather a very classy response in his own language: “bhai thand rakh, head over to resolve any issues!” they tweeted back.

Believe it or not, this response has got more traction on social media than their original tweet.