What happened when I started throwing my legs up a wall every day

Google throws up a lot of weird things when you search for something online. During one of such searches, I came across the legs-up-a-wall pose that helps relieve lower body stress. It didn’t look tough and what it promised was worth a try!

Game for trying this new technique, I took my yogamat, got my legs up on the wall. While my dog didn’t really fancy the move, sniffing me constantly to figure what was going on, the asana indeed was quite easy to get into.

Different websites suggested differing duration, but I went with the 10-minute one as it didn’t require much time. I played some meditation music I downloaded from iTunes and closed my eyes.

Called Viparita Karani, the legs-up-a-wall pose is said to reverse the stress of sitting all day – a thing that I am extremely guilty of. Wanting to know how it works, I figured that when we lie in this inverted pose, the body drains fluids that are pooling in your legs, causing them to stress out. This waste doesn’t otherwise leave our body easily but the drainage gets easier with this asana. Not only that, it also helps in a positive circular flow to your core.

After doing it for a week, I realised that not only lower body, it helped me relieve stress in the neck and back too.

Eventually I started to enjoy this me-time and tried just to focus on the music, not anything else.

Sitting is the new smoking and we all working professionals need to get this stress out of our bodies. I highly recommend it to all working professionals who are guilty of sitting too much.

Points to remember: Keep your butt as close to the wall and try to form a 90-degree angle. You will feel your hamstrings stretch.