Here’s how you can make this yummy breakfast


French toast is such an incredible meal to begin your day with.

This soft yum is totally delicious and is made by simply dipping bread into a mixture of milk and eggs and then pan fried.

Let’s make some.

French toast (


1. 4 slices of bread (or could cut agege bread into slices)

2. 2 Eggs

3. 1 cup milk

4. Pinch of nutmeg (optional)

5. Pinch of chilli pepper (optional)


1. Whisk the eggs

2. Add the milk, pepper and nutmeg. Mix well.

Add milk, pepper and nutmeg into the egg. Mix well (How pins)

3. Dip the bread slices into the egg milk mixture. Make sure you toss the bread in the mixture so that both sides of the bread is evenly soaked with the mixture

Soak the bread in the egg milk mixture (Guff)

4. Coat your skillet with oil or butter and heat it up over medium heat.

5. Fry the bread until it is golden yellow.

Fry the bread (Lynnlly)

There you go. Bon Appetite!