Master cleanse – Lemonade diet for weekend detox and weight loss

Master cleanse – Lemonade diet for weekend detox and weight loss

Master cleanse – Lemonade diet for weekend detox and weight loss  |  Photo Credit: Getty Images

New Delhi: The weekend is the time to unwind and get with the latest trends in the market in apparels, shoes, and even weight loss. The newest, most effective weight loss and detox diet on the block is the master cleanse – Lemonade diet which includes drinking only lemonade or lemon water for days to cleanse your system of toxins, improve digestion, give your metabolism a break, and aid weight loss.

The lemonade diet is a wonderful way to lose weight and not too difficult to practice either. Celebrities like Beyonce, have themselves talked about how effective the diet is. Here is how you can practise the master cleanse this weekend!

How to plan your lemonade diet?

Though slightly stricter than other diets, you can make changes in the diet according to your convenience, and according to the way your body reacts. The first step is to eliminate all junk, oily and fatty foods from your diet, which are an absolute no-no when you are trying to detox or lose weight. The next step is to incorporate only the lemonade mix in your diet the whole day, without any solid foods, or at max a toasted slice of bread, six times in a day, for as many days as you can do this. The third phase is to let the solid foods back into your life – which means incorporating a cup of yoghurt or the slice of bread and slowing moving to fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.

What is the lemonade drink made of?

The detox lemonade drink is made of lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. Designated proportions of the ingredients are mixed with water to make the ultimate detox drink. Lemon is rich in vitamin c, which is great for the skin, aids digestion contains antioxidants and aids weight loss. Maple syrup is again rich in antioxidants and has a low glycemic index. Cayenne pepper is also popular for its detoxifying properties. READ – Kiwifruit benefits – good for weight loss, heart health, high blood pressure, asthma, hair and skin

Pros of the Lemonade diet

The lemonade diet has benefits like weight loss, and that too quick weight loss that everyone aspires for. The diet accompanied by a strict balanced diet can help in really easy and quick weight loss, without much hassle. The diet is also extremely popular for detox- since all ingredients of the diet and drink have detoxing properties. Another benefit of vitamin C is that it makes your skin really soft, smooth, and bright. Problems like acne, wrinkles, etc. can be fought with this drink.

Cons of the lemonade diet

Though it offers quick weight loss, it does come with a price to pay. The short term negative effects of the diet can be nausea, headaches, etc. due to the withdrawal of solid food from the body, while the long-term effects include loss of muscle mass. The diet may also be impractical and very difficult to follow for most people, as it involves no solid food intake, which is difficult especially for new mothers and working people.