Keep calories in check while eating out

Grapefruit and cake with measuring tape. Diet

How do you keep track of calories when eating out or going to parties? Well, it is all about making the right choices with healthy flours, low fat sauces and the cooking technique, say experts.

Anisha Dhar and Nupur Khanna, Co-Founders of Eatonomist — a gourmet meal planner — have shared some pointers that you can keep in mind the next time you dine out.

* Use low fat dressing and sauces: Don’t add that extra spoon of cream or cheese or ghee to the food that you consume daily. Use olive oil for non-Indian cooking and mustard oil for Indian.

* Use lean cuts of meat: Trim the fat of the meats that you eat. There is enough protein in the meat. You don’t need that extra fat.

* Use healthy flours: Use flours which are healthier and have low calories such as multigrain, millets and jowar.

* Cooking techniques: Use baking, steaming, grilling, poaching, sous vide as your methods of cooking. Avoid frying your food

* Portion control: Portion control is one of the most important factors while checking calories. Don’t eat straight out of a container. Use a measured bowl/spoon to eat and eat slowly. This helps in understanding the quantity

* Technology: Get an app, or a calorie calculator which tells you your daily consumption and helps in keeping the calories in check. Maintain a diet chart and eat accordingly

* Use bowls: Have meals in a bowl if you can. A meal in a bowl has all the necessary components. The carbs, the protein and the fiber.