In Pics: 11 days, 11 pookalams

Anjali started making pookalam from Attam (as per Malayalam calender), September 4, 2016.

She continued to make new patterns each day, to follow the tradition.

Take a look at her designs!

Anjali Rajesh

IMAGE: Anjali (left) has been making pookalams every year on Onam, since her childhood.  

Day 1

pookalam pic

IMAGE: Quite an elaborate pookalam, isn’t it? Loved the play of colours.

Day 2


IMAGE: On Day 2, Anjali used leaves and petals creatively. 

Day 3


IMAGE: Her love for flowers reflects in these beautiful pookalams she makes. 

Day 4


IMAGE: Surprisingly, she never ran short of ideas and everyday the pookalams looked different. 

Day 5


IMAGE: This pookalam is a fusion of leaves and four different coloured flowers. 

Day 6


IMAGE: This one here is pretty colourful, right? 

Day 7


IMAGE: From Day 7, she began experimenting with the shapes. 

Day 8


IMAGE: As the days passed, the shapes got wackier, like this one. 

Day 9

onam pics

IMAGE: There she’s back to the regular circle, but with a twist. 

Day 10


IMAGE: See how she played around with simple geometry in this pookalam!

Day 11

onam pics

IMAGE: And the her last pookalam reminds us of the one she made on Day One. 

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