Questions To Ask Before You Start Online Rummy Gaming


The game of rummy is pretty popular in India. However, in the past, this game used to be played offline. Now, thanks to the advanced technology, the game is also catching up online. There are several prominent platforms such as Khelplay Rummy where you can explore and expand your rummy gaming skills. Here are some questions you should ask before you join any rummy online gaming platforms:

What is the Rummy Terminology Used on the Online Gaming Platform?

Each rummy gaming platform has its unique rummy terminology. If you wish to participate in the rummy card games, you need to be well-versed with the rummy terminology used there. We have shared a comprehensive list of the rummy terminology used on the Khelplay Rummy website here.

Sequence: The arrangement of cards of the same sign in ascending or descending order of their values is referred to as a sequence.

Meld: When cards of the same value but different signs are arranged together, they form melds.

Life: The life in rummy is the minimum arrangement of cards upto which a player’s hand is regarded as a full hand.

Full Hand: When a player’s full points are counted in rummy games, it is referred to as a full hand.

False Call: When a player calls it rummy even before his hand is complete, it is referred to as a false call. In some variations, even a penalty is charged for a false call.

First Drop: When a player quits the game even before the first move is played, it is referred to as first drop. Minimum points are charged for the player in case of first drop.

Second Drop: Any time after the first move, if the player quits the game of rummy, then it is referred to as second drop. The points charged in case of second drop is double the points charged for first drop.

Joker: Joker is like a wild card in rummy card game. It can be used instead of any other card to complete real sequences or melds.

Pulled-out Joker: Apart from the existing jokers in the deck, a card is randomly pulled by the player next to the dealer to play the pulled-out joker. If the player pulls out a Jack of hearts, then all the Js are treated as pulled-out jokers.

Open Card: The topmost card in the deck is left open by the dealer. The first player may pick either the open card or the next card on the deck.

Disposed Pile: Each time a player picks a card, he disposes another card so that the count of cards in the hand remain unchanged. The pile formed by cards disposed by each player is referred to as the disposed pile.

Is the Online Gaming Platform Approved and Authorised?

Before you start gaming on Khelplay Rummy or any other rummy gaming platform, you need to make sure the platform is approved and authorised for online rummy gaming. You can check this on the website. All the legal rummy gaming platforms share the fact that they are authorised. Once you are sure of this fact, you can play rummy on the platform without any worries.

Are the Online Money Transactions Secure?

A platform that permits cash rummy gaming should make all arrangements to secure the cash transactions. Before you start participating in cash rummy gaming, check what steps have been taken by the rummy gaming platform to secure the cash transactions. Enhanced security measures are used by reputed rummy platforms like the Khelplay Rummy to ensure all the transactions happen safely.

How to Make an Account on the Online Rummy Platform?

If you are new to online rummy gaming, you may not be aware of how to make the account or how to use the platform. A user-friendly rummy platform such as Khelplay Rummy shares all the information you need to create an account online. The shared information, tutorials and FAQs eliminate any possible doubts that may arise in your mind.

Is It Legal to Play Rummy Cash Games on This Platform?

Good rummy platforms like Khelplay Rummy launch online rummy cash games that are perfectly legal. Infact, a small TDS is also deducted from the money you earn through cash gaming when the amount crosses the threshold.

How To Make Money Through Rummy Gaming?

Look for tricks and tactics to beat the opponent and excel in online rummy card games on Khelplay Rummy. This will help you master the skills related to rummy card games so that you can earn money out of the cash games. 

Make the best of your rummy gaming skills as you participate in exciting cash rummy tournaments and beat the opponents.