Rahul Gandhi targets PM Modi again, this time on bullet trains

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Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi Friday targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the second day in a speech to party workers in Lucknow. The Congress vice-president criticised PM Modi for promising bullet trains, saying the “tickets will be not less than Rs 15,000”. “Only Modi ji and his suit-boot friends will travel in it,” he said.

Accusing PM Modi of failing to fulfill his election promises, Rahul highlighted the plight of farmers growing pulses. “When farmer sells his pulses, Modi ji gives him Rs 50 but when the same farmer buys his pulses from the market he has to pay Rs 200,” said Rahul.

Speaking in the Lok Sabha on Thursday, Rahul attacked the Modi government for ‘failing’ to reign in the ‘rising food prices’. He reminded PM Modi his promise of bringing down the price of essential vegetables and pulses. Taking a swipe at BJPelection slogan in 2014, Rahul said people are saying ‘Arhar Modi’ instead of ‘Har Har Modi’.

Rahul also spoke about veteran Congress leader Sheila Dikshit, who was made the face of the party campaign in Uttar Pradesh. “We made Sheila Dikshit ji the CM candidate of UP because we want her to fight for women,” said Rahul. Lauding Dikshit for her work as chief minister of Delhi, Rahul told party workers that the capital remembers her for the development she had ushered in. Rahul added that the Congress will fight together to take it to the top spot once again.