Salman Khan breaks his silence on controversies: ‘It is sad’

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Salman Khan is undoubtedly Bollywood’s biggest phenomenon but he also happens to be controversy’s favourite child. While Sultan is breaking box-office records, looming like a Damocles sword on his head is the controversial ‘raped woman’ remark that he made in June.

At a press conference organised today at his Panvel farmhouse, Salman was asked about the controversies that keep surrounding him. The actor — getting a hint where the question was heading — answered, “Should I give you something to survive for the next two weeks? If I don’t say anything I am boring. See I understand your responsibility towards your job. But if I say something my people won’t like it. So you guys tell me what you want me to do. If people are taking advantage of his silence, you reply, you don’t reply. People will still write what they want to. I may say something, it will be taken as something else. Phir ek statement ko ghuma firake kya hota hai you also know. It’s sad.”