Satya Nadella looks forward to work with Donald Trump

Satya Nadella looks forward to work with Donald Trump

Congratulating Donald Trump for becoming the 45th US President, Microsoft’s Indian-born CEO Satya Nadella said he looks forward to working with all those elected.

“We witnessed the democratic process in action here in the US. The results are of importance around the world, and I know that interest is shared among Microsoft employees,” Nadella said in a statement posted on Microsoft-owned LinkedIn on Wednesday.

“We congratulate the president-elect, and look forward to working with all those elected yesterday. Our commitment to our mission and values are steadfast, and in particular fostering a diverse and inclusive culture,” Nadella added.

Microsoft’s President Brad Smith also outlined company’s thoughts and recommendations for the new Administration and Congress on company’s blog.

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“Every president-elect deserves our congratulations, best wishes and support for the country as a whole. The peaceful transition of power has been an enduring and vital part of our democracy for over two centuries, and it remains so today. As a company, Microsoft joins many others in congratulating President-elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence”, he wrote.

According to The Verge, “Nadella may be congratulating president-elect but he’s also crossing his fingers that Trump doesn’t follow through on some of his tech-adverse campaign promises.”