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Enjoy good health with this Almond and Oven Dried Tomato Salad recipe

  Don’t you agree that eating salads is the most convenient way to work in good health into your life? A couple of servings of vegetables and fruits and you are all set. No, don’t scrunch your face yet. If you aren’t a big fan, it probably means that you haven’t been making your salad right. Also, look at it Read More

Discover big fun kids can enjoy after exams

Final exams are over. Let the kids enjoy the luxury of a leisurely childhood without any stress for few days. This is the perfect time for them after a long hectic schedule of lessons and exams. Let your child lead the free days under your supervision and guidance. It will encourage them to maintain an active life. Here are few Read More

Enjoy free and unlimited WhatsApp usage on FreedomPop’s SIM

New Delhi/New York: Mobile start-up FreedomPop is all set to revolutionise the instant messaging habit. FreedomPop has announced zero-rated WhatsApp SIM in the US and 30 other countries giving them unlimited WhatsApp usage for free. It will also give 200MB additional data and 100 voice minutes monthly. It is a boon to those on roaming, for, the plan also includes Read More