Teacher’s Day Spl: ‘Is this a fish market?’

A teacher is strict, loving and caring and puts the best interest of students above everything else.

Having said that, teachers can also sometimes be mean, rude and witty depending on how good or bad the students are.

Whether we like or loathe them, these mentors and academic coaches play an incredible part in a student’s life.

September 5 is celebrated as Teachers Day.

In tribute to all those teachers who have left a mark (pun intended), presenting some of the gems our teachers said.

IMAGE: If the teacher enters a room where the children are not on their benches, and are busy talking amongst themselves, you get to hear this famous sentence.

IMAGE: ‘Empty head’. ‘Do you have any brains at all?’ How often has your Math and English teacher said this to you?

IMAGE: ‘Do I look like a fool/clown to you?’ Every time you bluff or do something stupid, you get to hear this.