Trump calls for 6G technology — and that isn’t a thing yet

While 5G technology is still trying to find its ground with tricky spectrum allocations, US President Donald Trumphas already made a claim on 6G to be brought in the country. The only problem is — it doesn’t exist.

On Thursday, he went on to tweet that 5G and 6G technology are “so obviously the future,” adding that the US needs to “win through competition, not by blocking out currently more advanced technologies.”

It’s well known that the full power of 5G is yet to come into force. And, while industry leaders have been pushing more investment into the exploring what 5G is capable of, 5G’s new capabilities are still unknown, aside from improving on what 4G can already do.

No 5G impact — let alone 6G

Trump’s call for quicker 5G deployment is unlikely to have much of an impact in the market. Mobile operators in the US already have plans in place on how 5G networks are going to be deployment and the amount of time it’s going to take.

Even if 6G was on the cards, deploying an entirely new generation of technology doesn’t happen overnight but take years to bring into play. As of now, 6G planning is in most embryonic stages where it’s mostly just theory.

Even the Huawei chief scientist, Richard Li, has said that 6G simply hasn’t been defined yet at the IEEE Spectrum event in August last year.

Or maybe Trump knows something that the tech industry does not know.