Watch this skinny girl eat over 10,000 calories for breakfast!

It is unbelievable but this woman can really eat caloriesworth five days in one sitting! Nela Zisser is a professional competitive eater and even watching her hog on her food can satiate you, if not make repugnant, for next three meals. From cheese pizzas to Chinese platters, from bananas to eating a breakfast worth 10,000 calories, this woman can do it all. Have a look at her massive appetite and enjoy (or faze?) yourselves.

A breakfast worth 10,782 calories!

A breakfast worth 10,782 calories!

Here’s what she eats in the massive breakfast in this video, as stated in Nela’s video’s caption on her channel on YouTube.

20 Jumbo Eggs = 1800 Calories

1 kg Hellers Manuka Smoked Streaky Bacon = 3160 Calories

500 grams London Pride Sausages = 1165 Calories

Quality Bakers English Muffins x 4 = 560 Calories

Tomato x 4 = 128 Calories

250 grams Mushrooms = 55 Calories

250 ml Fresh Cream = 878 Calories

400 grams Butter = 2896 Calories

50 grams Whitlocks Tomato Chutney = 140 Calories

Total = 10,782 Calories

Here’s a large cheese pizza that’s had in less than 2 minutes!

Here’s a large cheese pizza that’s had in less than 2 minutes!

Here's a large cheese pizza that's had in less than 2 minutes!

So, besides 10k calories worth of breakfasts, Nela can also gorge on cheese pizzas, and this one, in less than two minutes!

“This is a large cheese pizza on classic crust with extra cheese… but I’m pretty sure our large is the same size as America’s medium,” Nela captioned her video on YouTube. But having it less than a minute?! This ravenous appetite is so famishing!

20 patty cheeseburger challenge

20 patty cheeseburger challenge

20 patty cheeseburger challenge

Can you have a cheeseburger now? Not likely for the next three days. Or years.

A side note: Doesn’t she look like a twin sister to Sansa aka Sophie Turner?