What happens when you are detoxified?

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There are many people that know what the feeling of being detoxified is really like. The feeling that people who cured themselves of the drug abuse through detoxification say that they feel as if a huge burden has been taken off of their shoulders. They feel like they can walk, run, talk, focus, and be present in various situations when they couldn’t.

Being riddled with drugs makes the body weary and rough. There is low energy inside the body and you can’t really do much even if you set your mind and body to a simple task. Everything seems too much, drug abuse tends to bring along with it several other diseases, those diseases can be a part of other organs of a body, or they can be specifically mental. These mental disorders tend to make the drug abuser fall into the hole of drug addiction a bit deeper. And when these patients finally accept that they are in need of serious medical help at  Connecticut Detox Centers, they get something more than just detox and cure from drugs.

These centres of rehab have a few treatments and therapies that they offer which can help a person going through drug addiction, recover from it and at the same time any additional mental or physical injury can also be treated at the same time whilst the detox process happens.

Post detox life.

Life after getting detoxified is like turning a new leaf for many patients. Patients experience new sensations; they tend to feel like they have hope to completely recover from drug addiction. After the detox process, here is what happens:

You get to go through therapy.

Therapy is the next step after getting detoxified. There are numerous therapies that are offered by various reputable Connecticut Detox Centers. The therapies that are given after the detox process are individual therapies, where a person engages with a health professional and tries to learn about their triggers, their reasons for using drugs, and more knowledge about the drugs they were addicted to. There are group therapies where numerous individuals sit together with a counsellor and talk about their drug abuse stories to learn that they are not alone in this journey. There are also scented candle therapies that relax the patients. There are family therapies to keep the patients close to their families and help them share their experiences with each other under a counsellor.

You get to take part in new hobbies.

After the detox process, you get to take part in hobbies, new hobbies that help you grow and make you learn new skills, have new interests. The goal of doing these new hobbies is to make the patient rewire their brain from their earlier drug addiction habits. Their brain circuits literally fire up when they do new activities. For example, if a patient starts picking up flowers in the garden and put them in a vase at around 5:00 pm daily instead of going to their usual drug abuse habit of taking drugs at 5:00 pm, their brain will exchange this activity with the new one.

You get to become a new you.

Throughout the whole post detoxification process, you will learn new hobbies, new activities, new things about the drug that you used to be addicted to and especially new things about you. This whole process will evolve you and turn you into a completely new person at the end of your post detox life at any of the Connecticut Detox Centers you opt for. Whichever center you choose, healing is going to begin for you and you will see a new you in the mirror sooner than you can imagine. In the end, it will all be worth it.