What Is James Altucher’s Early-Stage Crypto Investor? [Next Generation Crypto Summit]

James Altucher’s Next Generation Crypto Summit is a presentation that he did to promote his brand new investment newsletter called the Early-Stage Crypto Investor

In the presentation, he focuses on a new generation of cryptos that he thinks may quietly ride a 9,900% growth curve over the next 5 years. James also talks about how he landed a 125X return in 4 years from the tiny crypto niche as well as his #1 crypto investment idea.

Let’s dissect the presentation to learn more about what James Altucher was talking about as well as the opportunities he is promoting.

What is James Altucher’s Next Generation Crypto Summit?

The Next Generation Crypto Summit was a virtual event hosted by James Altucher during which he revealed a new investment opportunity in the cryptocurrency market that he thinks you should consider.

James Altucher’s Next Generation Crypto SummitIf you’ve been following James Altucher, this is not the first time he is talking about cryptocurrencies that may perform well. He echoed these sentiments when he did presentations like The 7 Day Stock Market Glitch and James Altucher’s “Neural Remapping.”

In the past, James Altucher urged people to invest in Bitcoin when it was trading for just $118. He also told his followers to go for Ethereum in 2017 and since then it’s been up 1,787%. His latest prediction that involved cryptocurrencies landed a 125X return in 4 years.

James Altucher’s Next Generation Crypto SummitSo now he claims to have identified a tiny $.006 coin that he thinks is set to go up exponentially soon. He sees it as the perfect investment if you missed the Bitcoin and Ethereum rallies. He claims that you need to get in front of this massive opportunity now before it is too late.

James Altucher claims that there aren’t many crypto opportunities left and this tiny $.006 coin he and his research team uncovered checks all his boxes.

So, what investment opportunity is he talking about?

He says that it is an under-the-radar tech company that has several products. It trades for less than a penny and could create explosive wealth in 2022.

As soon as it hits any major exchange (and he believes it will do that soon), it could soar and by then, it’ll be too late to start investing in it.

James Altucher says that the opportunity is “Potentially Worth Millions” and that he is not the only one projecting massive growth. Another well-known crypto investor has invested $150,000 of his own money in the investment and he has almost 2 million followers.

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How to make money off of James Altucher’s Next-Gen Cryptos

James reveals that his main investment recommendation is just one of nine coins that he has spotted. He refers to them as “next gen cryptos” and says that they could skyrocket due to the “Coinbase Effect.”

What does he mean by that?

He explains that when cryptos uplist to Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, they always tend to go up.

He says that there is a correlation that explains why some top-performing cryptos have witnessed total gains as big as 9,000% in 18 months, 22,000% in a year and a half, and 25,000% in 18 months.

While James acknowledges that you probably won’t see returns like these, this is the same strategy that he used to land a 125X return in just 4 years. He believes that now, you have the exact opportunity to tap into some of these Next Generation Crypto gains.

Since it’s just a tiny niche of the crypto market that could grow 9,900% over the next 5 years, he sees the next generation of cryptos as a rare second chance at life-changing crypto wealth.

He also states that these next-gen cryptos will be expected to move fast, an indication that there’s no time to waste.

To help you make the most of the opportunity, he wants to share details concerning these nine coins.

He has released all the details on these nine crypto opportunities – including names, ticker symbols, and exactly how to buy them – in a new report titled 9 Next Generation Cryptos Set to Soar From The Coinbase Effect.

Who is James Altucher?

James Altucher is an investment analyst who works as a newsletter editor for Three Founders Publishing. Three Founders Publishing is a boutique investment research firm that publishes investment newsletters targeting individual investors.

Besides working for Three Founders Publishing, James Altucher is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. In his long entrepreneurial career, he’s started 20 companies, 17 of which have failed. He has also learned many lessons regarding the stock market and Wall Street.

James Altucher rose to fame when he released Wall Street Journal bestselling book “Choose Yourself.” It is a self-help book that is geared towards helping people who feel stuck in a job they hate, in a house they can’t afford, or in a life they don’t want.

The philosophies he espouses in the book have gone into his investment strategy. He edits newsletters like Altucher’s Secret Income, Top 1% Advisory, Altucher’s Investment Network, Altucher’s Weekly AlphaBrain Alert, and Altucher’s Angels.

Early Stage Crypto Investor Review

James Altucher’s  Early-Stage Crypto Investor is a new research service published by Three Founders Publishing that enables you to tap into Altucher’s Silicon Valley connections, his expertise in the markets, and his ability to spot new investment opportunities before they take off.

James Altucher’s Next Generation Crypto SummitWhen you sign up for Early Stage Crypto Investor, James shares with you early-stage cryptos with massive upside potential and a major catalyst.

The goal of this research service is to maximize the profit potential of the crypto market.

What’s Included in Early-Stage Crypto Investor?

When you sign up for Early Stage Crypto Investor, you receive:

  • 1-2 Next Generation Crypto Recommendations every month. James reveals his latest Next Generation Crypto investment ideas along with his written analysis and complete breakdown of those ideas.
  • The Crypto Investor’s Jumpstart Video Series. It is a video series that shows you step-by-step how to invest in James Altucher’s crypto picks before they take off. It is suited to new investors and seasoned crypto pros alike but is particularly useful if you’ve never bought single crypto in your life.
  • Urgent Email Alerts And Text Message Notifications. You receive an email alert (or an optional text message notification) whenever James issues a new buy recommendation. They also notify you when it’s time to take profits. This way, you never miss out on any recommendation James makes to his followers.
  • Weekly Crypto Masterminds. Every week, James gets on a live video call with his followers to walk them through his investing game plan for the following week. He reveals his latest next crypto ideas during these calls. As a member, you can submit questions to Altucher’s team about the world of crypto, his investing strategy, or even one of his picks.
  • Weekly Crypto Briefings. These weekly briefings are meant to help you stay on top of the hottest crypto developments. This includes any breaking news you need to be made aware of as well as any new next-gen cryptos that are emerging.

You also get a free VIP Ticket To “The Crypto Wealth Symposium.” It is a virtual event featuring James Altucher during which he shares his latest ideas and strategies for making money in crypto.

When you sign up for the newsletter, you also get early access to James Altucher’s new book about digital currencies:

A Digital Copy Of James Altucher’s New Book, “The Big Book Of Crypto”

This book is a treasure trove of insights and ideas for building wealth with crypto. Some of the topics it covers include:

  • A little-known bank account that pays you 17.7% interest a year – this is more than the .06% interest you get paid by the average savings account.
  • How to buy Bitcoin at up to a 21% discount. You learn how to buy crypto at a massive discount. This mode of buying is ethical and legal.
  • A secret website that gives away free bitcoin every day. You learn how you can take advantage of this loophole every day.

There are other lessons in the book and James is putting the finishing touches on it. As soon as he publishes it, he says that you’ll be the first to receive a digital copy as a member of his advisory service.

Early Stage Crypto Investor Pricing?

James Altucher’s Early-Stage Crypto Investor goes for $5,000. If you join the service via the link provided at the end of The Next Generation Crypto Summit, you’ll only pay $1,995 for one year.

The Early Stage Crypto Investor Refund Policy

There are no cash refunds once you sign up.

They have something called the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The terms state that if over the next year James Altucher fails to deliver 12 next-generation crypto recommendations, each with 1,000% profit potential, you can call Altucher’s customer service team and they’ll give you an extra year of Early-Stage Crypto Investor research, 100% free of charge.