251 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

1. Fashion

Fashion blog ideas
  • Latest trends
  • Blast from the past
  • Seasonal (summer, winter, fall, spring) wear
  • Office attire tips
  • Reviews of footwear/accessories
  • Clothing/try-on haul
  • Wardrobe hacks
  • Fashion tips/advice
  • Mommy/maternity trends
  • Men’s fashion
  • Fashion influencers to follow
  • Fashion blog ideas
  • Fashion hashtag ideas


2. Beauty

  • Makeup and beauty reviews/tips/advice
  • Hair accessories
  • No-makeup makeup
  • Makeup for special events
  • Daily beauty routine
  • Makeup courses/schools
  • Beauty influencers to follow
  • 15-minute makeup tutorial
  • Men’s skincare routine
  • Beauty products for men
  • How to posts on organising makeup
  • Beauty product reviews
  • Beauty blog post ideas

3. Travel

  • How to pack light
  • Sustainable travelling
  • Travel itinerary
  • Best travel destinations
  • Travel wear and outfit
  • Family/couple vacation ideas
  • Honeymoon ideas
  • Tips on travelling with kids
  • Packing tips for summer/winter
  • Best beach vacation
  • Flying with children/babies
  • Travel bucket list
  • Reviews of anything in your hometown/city
  • How to start a travel blog
  • Travel blog ideas


4. Food & Drink

  • Meal recipes
  • Keto/vegan/gluten free/specific diet recipes
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Best wine to buy as a gift
  • Workout snacks
  • Snacks for working from home
  • Quick meals recipes
  • Potluck dessert ideas
  • Best coffee
  • Family gathering/birthday parties dish ideas
  • How to plan your meal
  • How to start a food blog
  • Food blog topic ideas


5. Family & Parenting

lifestyle topics for blogs
  • Tips on dealing with a teenager
  • Family vacation ideas
  • Tips or advice on caring for an ailing parent
  • Mom blog post ideas
  • Activities for stay at home moms
  • Mommy self-care
  • Tips for new parents
  • Tips on working from home with kids
  • Gift ideas for mom/dad/kids
  • Budget plan for family
  • Ideas for family weekend activities
  • Best parenting blogs to follow
  • Date night ideas for parents
  • How to start a parenting blog
  • Parenting blog topic ideas


6. Health & Wellness

  • Keto/vegan/gluten free/specific diet recipes
  • Best spa and beauty centres
  • Essential oil reviews
  • Home remedy for fever/flu
  • Traditional medicines
  • Tips on keto diets and intermittent fasting
  • Meditation
  • How to start a wellness blog
  • Health and wellness blog topic ideas


7. Fitness

  • Fitness routine for working moms
  • Tips on staying fit
  • How to be consistent in working out daily
  • Tips on creating a home gym
  • Indoor workout routine
  • Tips on working out without equipment
  • Fitness gear reviews
  • Fitness personalities to follow
  • How to write a fitness blog
  • Fitness blog post ideas


8. Music

  • Learn guitar in 30 days
  • Event/concert reviews
  • Tips on forming a music band
  • How to get gigs
  • Music celebrity interviews
  • Learn how to compose music
  • Previews of albums or upcoming shows
  • Stories from tours
  • How to start a music blog
  • Music blog post ideas
  • Articles on music legends
  • Best and worst show experience
  • Drumming for kids
  • Songwriting
  • Merchandise releases


9. Movies

  • Movie reviews
  • Upcoming movie previews
  • Famous celebrity interviews
  • Behind the scenes
  • 10 things you didn’t know about (a movie star’s name)
  • How to start an entertainment blog
  • Movie or entertainment blog post ideas
  • Best classic movies in history


10. Special Events

lifestyle topics for blogs
  • Birthday celebration ideas
  • Farewell celebration ideas
  • Graduation gift ideas
  • Special event photography tips
  • Best florist reviews
  • Simple dessert ideas for your kid’s birthday
  • Gift ideas for mom/dad
  • How to plan for a surprise party
  • Theme party ideas
  • Planning a wedding
  • Recommend the best wedding planners


11. Hobbies

  • Hobby ideas that are cheap and fun
  • Planning a camping trip
  • Photography tips
  • How to monetise your hobby
  • Turning baking hobby into a business
  • How to find a new hobby
  • Books recommendation
  • How to knit
  • Colouring apps recommendation
  • Hobbies to keep you fit
  • Woodworking enthusiasts to follow
  • Generate income from gaming


12. Technology

  • Latest gadget reviews
  • Practical and affordable mobile phones
  • Best laptop for writers
  • Best laptop for graphic designers
  • Best laptop for gamers
  • Food delivery apps
  • E-hailing apps
  • Data science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Planning a virtual event
  • Zoom/Google Meet hacks
  • Technology news
  • Technology magazines review
  • How to start a technology blog
  • Technology blog topic ideas


13. Home Decor

  • Guest room design ideas
  • Tips on choosing faux plants
  • Tips on choosing colour tones
  • How to choose design theme for your home
  • Storage ideas
  • Choosing the right lighting for your room
  • How to be a minimalist
  • Cleaning hacks
  • DIY furniture ideas
  • Table setting ideas
  • Kitchen cabinet design ideas
  • Children’s room design ideas


14. DIY Projects

  • How to build (certain furniture)
  • DIY ideas for your kids’ school project
  • How to make your own photo frame
  • Craft magazine review
  • Tips on perfecting your woodwork
  • Favourite DIY bloggers
  • Making quilted wall hangings
  • Must have craft tools
  • Where to get craft supplies
  • Refurbishing old furniture
  • Make your own rug
  • How to make resin art
  • How to start a DIY projects blog
  • DIP projects blog topic ideas


15. Gardening

topics for a lifestyle blog
  • Knowing types of plants (indoor and outdoor)
  • Repotting
  • Get to know types of soil
  • How to find the right pot size for your plants
  • How to not kill your plant
  • How to water your plant correctly
  • Is having a humidifier good for your plants?
  • Growing your own food plant
  • How-to propagate plants
  • Harmful plants for your pets
  • Succulent 101
  • DIY your hydroponics from scratch
  • How to start a gardening blog
  • Gardening blog topic ideas


16. Finance

  • Saving tips
  • Investing tips
  • How to plan monthly expenses
  • Creating funds for vacations
  • How to pay off your student loan in 3 years
  • Credit card pro and cons
  • Financial plan before buying a house
  • Planning your retirement fund
  • Planning your emergency fund
  • Planning weekly grocery budget
  • How to create a trust fund for your kids
  • When is the best time to create a will
  • How to start a finance blog
  • Finance blog topic ideas


17. Student Life

  • Renting a room vs living in a dorm
  • How to choose the right course
  • Study group tips
  • Making full use of the library
  • How to choose the right club to join
  • How to create an assignment schedule
  • Advice on choosing an internship place
  • Ideal budget for students
  • Tips on surviving college
  • Part time jobs for students
  • How to start a student blog
  • How to apply for student exchange programme
  • What to know about studying abroad


18. Pets

  • How to be a responsible pet parent
  • First pet essentials
  • Suitable diet for your pets
  • How to choose a suitable cat litter
  • How often should you clean after your pet
  • Signs your pet is not well
  • The importance of neutering pets
  • Fish tank 101
  • DIY pet furniture
  • Advice on leaving your pet alone while you’re away
  • Pet essentials review
  • How to start a pet blog
  • Pet blog topic ideas


19. Art & Craft

  • How to choose the best art supplies
  • Types of brushes
  • Advice on deciding your art niche
  • How to learn (certain) art techniques
  • Tips on using household items for your art
  • Where to buy art supplies
  • Art supplies reviews
  • All about clay
  • Knitting
  • Nail art
  • The art of glass blowing
  • Art history
  • How to start an art blog
  • Art blog topic ideas


20. Sports


topics for a lifestyle blog


  • Best sports equipment review
  • Running/cycling app
  • Must-have items in your first aid kit
  • Best locations to run in your city
  • Best diving destinations
  • (Insert sports) history
  • How to start a sports blog
  • Sports blog topic ideas
  • Tips on training for a marathon
  • Road running vs trail running
  • Supplements
  • Tips before joining a (insert sports event)

What Is A Lifestyle Blog?


Just like a journal, a lifestyle blog is a medium for you to write about your daily activities and interests.

The function of a lifestyle blog is to:

  •  inspire people who want to learn something,
  • find something to do, or
  • who want to improve in certain parts of life.


Family, friends, food, home, travel, work, career, relationships – from the moment they wake up until the sun goes down, blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers mostly come from their daily activities.

But of course, lifestyle bloggers come from different backgrounds so the points of interest differ too. Either you’re a parent or a single 20-something, nothing can stop you from starting a lifestyle blog.


The only difference is your target audience.


Many people think you can only succeed in lifestyle blogging if you’re an influencer. But that’s not true.


Well perhaps, it’s the other way round.


The way it usually works is, over time, a lifestyle blogger will grow their readership or ‘followers’ who fall in love with their blog content and eventually become a fan.


So, if this happens, whether you want to expand your reach across social media platforms entirely depends on your end goal.


Successful Lifestyle Blogs


Here are five of the most successful blogs about lifestyle you can take inspiration from:


1. Just a Girl & Her Blog (Made $41,700 in Dec 2016)


lifestyle blog ideas


Just A Girl And Her Blog was started by Abby Lawson, a mom with two adorable boys runs the blogging business full-time with her husband.

Abby’s lifestyle post ideas are all about creating a beautiful, thriving home, life, and business and helping others to do the same.


2. Kayleigh Zara (Made $16,514 in Nov 2020)


Lifestyle blog topics


Kayleigh is a mid-twenty influencer who started her blog as an outlet for her free time during university. The art student loves sharing lifestyle posts, fashion, lifestyle and university posts.


Through her blog income, Kayleigh recently paid off over 8K in debt and would love to help others do the same.


 3. Anna In The House (Made $12475.68 in Nov 2020)


lifestyle blog ideas


Anna Karsten started her blog in the travel niche but soon embarked on writing about lifestyle.

Anna’s lifestyle blog topic ideas revolve around motherhood and parenting, DIY tutorial, career-changing tips, and stories about living with autoimmune diseases.


4. Fit Mommy In Heels (Made $11562.19 in Sept 2019)


lifestyle blog ideas


Lauren Imbriaco started Fit Mommy In Heels in 2016. A mom to three kids, Lauren aims to inspire and help other women get into the best shape of their life, reclaim their love of fitness post-baby, or feel good about the outfits they wear.


5. Chasing Foxes (Made over $19,000 from 8 months of blogging)


lifestyle blog ideas


Grace Madeline Moser and her husband Silas have been running Chasing Foxes since 2016. This dynamic duo loves sharing tips on finances, health, home improvement, and ways to make money online.


After realising the blog makes more than a month’s salary, Silas quit his corporate job and they started to travel full-time.

No matter the niche, all blogs anchor on this checklist to start creating an income:


  • Create SEO optimised content
  • Pin content on Pinterest using Pinterest SEO
  • Apply to ad networks running on your site
  • Link relevant affiliate links on every post
  • Sell merchandises/digital products (e-books, webinars, online courses)
  • Run workshops
  • Partner with brands

To up your SEO game, I recommend this SEO Success for Beginners Course that will help you get thousands of free organic traffic from google to your site!

Anyway, it’s common for lifestyle blogs to link to products consumers use and trends they follow.

Loyal readers will not only follow the tips and advice shared in lifestyle blogs, but they will also buy the products recommended.

As your blog grows, the brands of the products you promote will start to recognise you. Subsequently, they will want to work with you to expand their brand presence.


How To Start Writing A Lifestyle Blog?


1. Establish A Niche Or Focus Of Your Lifestyle Blog


Lifestyle blog topics usually revolve around activities and interests. Once that’s sorted out, it will be easier to choose lifestyle topics to blog about.

Depending on your passion, you can pick one (or more) lifestyle blog ideas listed above.


2. Name Your Blog


Think of something that suits your personality. Or play around with the niche you’ve chosen.

If possible, don’t choose something that’s too narrow because you might want to add more niches in the future.

Don’t spend too long Naming a lifestyle blog as it’s not as important as you may think!

 You can always look online for a lifestyle blog name ideas list. Just make sure your lifestyle blog name is not difficult to spell and pronounce.


3. Register Your Blog And Get Hosting


Proceed to purchase the domain name and hosting for your blog.

If your blog is called The Red Head Girl, your domain will be www.theredheadgirl.com.

When someone types in your website URL, then Bluehost will show your blog to the person who searched for it. Use this link for a discounted price from Bluehost.

You will also receive a free blog domain through my link.

Read this step-by-step guide to start getting paid for blogging on WordPress.


4. Install WordPress


WordPress is the go-to platform for bloggers, especially beginners. It’s free and it’s easy to use.

You don’t have to know coding and WordPress also offers many free plugins to ease your blogging tasks. Plus, WordPress guides and resources are abundant because it’s the most commonly used platform.


5. Download A Well-designed, Clean-looking Theme


After familiarizing yourself with the blog’s dashboard, you can start choosing a theme for your lifestyle blog. WordPress provides a huge selection of free themes.

Some other good themes which are lightweight and won’t slow down your site are:


  • Astra
  • Generate Press
  • Kadence 


You can use Canva to create a logo for your lifestyle blog.

Canva allows you to create free logos and play around with fonts for your site. You can also click on the premade logo designs and use any one of them for free.


7. Install Essential Plugins e.g. Yoast SEO


Installing the WordPress plugins IS important if you want to improve the functionality of your site. You will also have access to some cool free features that will protect your site and make it look better.

Yoast SEO is a MUST-HAVE plugin for your website because it helps to improve your rankings on Google (SEO).

Find out all the essential plugins that you need for your blog in this article.


8. Make Money From Your Blog


Congratulations on setting up your lifestyle blog! Now you can start generating an income and hopefully achieve time and financial freedom one day.

For a more comprehensive step-by-step guide on blogging, check this post out!

How Do I Make My Lifestyle Blog Popular?


If your lifestyle blog is popular, that means it is also generating a decent income. You won’t achieve this overnight but with time and constant effort, it will happen eventually.


Before thinking about making your lifestyle blog popular, it’s important to note that:


  1. You don’t have to have a lot of followers to start making money.
  2. There’s no point in posting frequently if you compromise quality.
  3. Apart from readers, Google has to like your posts too.


There are three significant platforms or tools you can optimise to rank your blog on the first page of Google.


1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Say, your lifestyle blog focuses on travel and someone googles about it, your post might come up in the search if you optimise SEO correctly.

In other words, if done right, SEO will bring in traffic from organic search results. Once your post is ranked on the first page of Google, your site traffic will increase.


In the beginning, learning SEO can be scary as it’s quite technical but once you get the hang of it, it’s hard to stop searching for keywords!

But how does keywords search work? You can use tools like Ubersuggest or KeySearch.