3 Tips for Buying a Vertical Conveyor

If you own any kind of warehouse or processing plant, you could probably use a vertical conveyor. Not only will they reduce the risk and burden on your employees, but they can also increase efficiency in the workplace by automating a lot of tasks that used to be manual.

But what if you’ve never purchased a lift conveyor before? What should you be thinking about as you browse brands, products and model numbers, and how can you tell a good product from a bad one?

Here are just a few tips for buying vertical conveyors.

1. Consider Size and Weight Requirements

Think about what you need to transport. How heavy is it? What are its dimensions? Your lift needs to be stronger than the objects that it’s expected to hoist in the air, so look for something that can support a lot of weight. Pay close attention to height clearances and maximum weight capacities; these numbers are your bottom line.

2. Look at Different Brands

There’s nothing wrong with buying from an independent seller if you don’t trust the big-name brands. Just make sure that they’re actually offering a better product or a nicer deal. You’ll need to compare and contrast <I>all</i> of your options before you can be confident that you’re making the right choice. If you’re avoiding certain labels just because they’re too big or too small, that’s a blind spot in your decision-making.

3. Evaluate Its Special Features

Different lights will come with different functions and features, so it’s up to you to decide which will be useful for your work. For example, if you’re concerned about workplace accidents, you might appreciate a lift with built-in safety features. If you work in a noisy warehouse, a lift with lights and alarms might be helpful.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop for vertical lift conveyors. It might not be an easy task, but it’ll be worth the trouble when you have an automated, fully-functioning machine doing the work of several employees at once!