How To Set Up a Hayrack Ride

It is harvest time and you want to have fun by setting up a hayrack ride for your family, friends and neighbors. You have the hay, the vehicle and a cart to pull along. Here are a few steps to use these items to set up a sucessful event.

Protect Yourself

Before you use your quick connect tractor attachments to hook your trailer to your tractor, you are going to want to give your insurance agent a call. You will need to see if you covered for any sort of liability in case of an accident. He will advise you if you need to add to your policy and how much it will be.

Map Out a Route

You will want to lay out the path you wish to go then physically walk it to ensure it is a safe one. Look for ruts in the ground, low hanging beaches, wires and other hazards that might harm a passenger or do damage to your equipment. You will also want to stay off roads if you can help it or stick to ones that are mostly vacant.

Check Your Equipment

You will want to give your tractor and cart a once over for safety and performance. A broken cart can cause injury if someone were to step on an exposed piece or fall out of a piece that falls off. You will also want to check the hay for mold, making sure it is fresh for the best possible fun.

Train Your Driver

If you are holding this ride for more than your loved ones and plan to hire some to drive for you, you will want to give them a thorough training. They will need to know how to drive the tractor so that they keep your equipment running at the best performance possible. You will also need to make sure they drive carefully and slowly to ensure the safety of your guests.