The sweet power of watermelon


As tempting as they look, sweet watermelon is a summer favourite. It grows easy in sunny weather and fertile river soil.  The sunnier the place, the sweeter is the melon.

Rich in fibre and water content and low on calorie, it is known as a health and beauty fruit.  It is also a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin B6. Include it in your daily diet and live healthy.

The top benefits of the fruit are listed below.

1 Keeps eyes, teeth and skin healthy

2 Acts as a cleansing agent for kidneys

3 Lowers high blood pressure

4 Reduces risk of heart attack

5 Reduces high blood sugar

Helps in fighting cancer

7 Cools the body and mind

8 Prevents mood swings

9 Strengthens bones

Keeping all these goodness in mind, fill yourself with the sweetness of watermelons.