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LONDON, United Kingdom — Today, continued professional learning is a necessity for career development, which has become increasing accessible through online education — an industry projected to reach over $275 billion in 2022, a projected growth of over 66 percent since 2015 according to market research consultancy Stratistics.

To better serve both its community and the wider fashion industry, BoF has created a suite of self-directed education courses tailored to the specific needs of fashion professionals today, imparting invaluable and unique insider insights.

BoF tutors range from globally renowned stylist Lucinda Chambers and co-owner and creative director of Paper Communications Drew Elliott, to Susanne Tide-Frater, the brand and strategy director at digital disruptor Farfetch, and Musa Tariq, one of a highly select group appointed to the C-Suite under the age of 35. Alternatively, noted fashion historian and celebrated academic Colin McDowellMBE has created a course on fashion history as an essential for any career in the industry.

In addition to being taught by some of the industry’s most inspirational figures, BoF courses are designed with the same rigour and academic insight as BoF’s award-winning editorial content. The courses are entirely online and exclusive to BoF, designed as such to favour busy students and the working professionals in their pursuit of career development. BoF courses can be paused at any time, allowing users to return to their educational journeys whenever they choose.

To date, 90 percent of participants say the course met their objectives — and 92 percent say they enjoyed the course.

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Build Your Dream Career with Musa Tariq, one of a highly select group appointed to the C-Suite under the age of 35

Musa Tariq on set | Source: BoF

“You’re always being recruited by someone,” explains Musa Tariq. “What you want to do is tell the story you want to tell versus the story that has already been told about you.”

Following early leadership roles at JWT and Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, Tariq served as global head of digital marketing and the first-ever director of social media at Burberry, after which he joined Nike as their first senior director of social media and community, before going to work as Apple’s global marketing and communication director for retail. After working at Apple, he was the former chief brand officer and vice president of Ford Motor Company.

In his course, Tariq shares insights into how to identify, build and navigate your career path, creating a 4-step strategy document for your entire career and enabling you to plot different routes to your future success.

One course user said, “there is a lot of value in this course where Musa Tariq provides case studies, essential readings and career tips,” while another said, “it feels like so many people are going through this career transition right now and looking to find meaningful work. Love the idea of a course with a strategic approach to your career.”

Digital Marketing with Drew Elliott, co-owner and creative director of PAPER

Drew Elliott | Source: BoF

“This course is for everyone who wants to get ahead in communications and marketing, whether you need a brush up, or you are just starting your career in digital,” says Drew Elliott, who transitioned from intern to co-owner and creative director at renowned New York publishing and marketing company Paper Communications.

Elliott is perhaps best known for his #BreakTheInternet cover concept with Kim Kardashian, which drove over 14 million users to Paper’s online channels in 2 days. Having honed his craft through career stints at Ketchum Agency and theAudience, Elliott shares on his course the best practices for paid and organic marketing strategies — as well as how to work with influencers and create or commission content that will engage and excite audiences.

One participant said of Elliott’s course: “I very much enjoyed the relevant content discussed in this course and how suitable it is to today’s social media world. The real-life examples provide an insight into things that have been well done in the past and one realises why based on the previously acquired knowledge.”

Fashion Styling and Image Making with Lucinda Chambers, former fashion director of Vogue and Elle

Lucinda Chambers | Source: Courtesy

“Styling isn’t something that’s remote and beyond your reach,” Chambers affirms. “It is a craft and a skill that you can learn and, if you have passion, it’s completely achievable.”

Legendary stylist Lucinda Chambers has spent 36 years at the forefront of magazine publishing as fashion director of British Elle and British Vogue. She has established long-lasting relationships with world-leading photographers, including Nick Knight and Paolo Roversi, and worked closely with fashion houses such as Marni, Prada, Jil Sander and Chanel.

In her BoF course, Chambers advises aspiring stylists on how to develop concepts and research, organise shoots, work between editorial and commercial clients and develop a dynamic portfolio that will help getting that elusive foot in the door.

One user said: “To people who are interested in taking this role in the future, it prepares a good ground to review and plan the potential training and learning necessary to achieve the goal of becoming a stylist.”

The Art and Science of Buying and Merchandising with Susanne Tide-Frater, fashion consultant and brand and strategy director at Farfetch

Susanne Tide-Frater | Source: BoF

“This course is really special. We all know legendary buyers, and we know the names, and we see them at the front rows, but nobody really knows how to get there or what to look out for,” says Susanne Tide-Frater, the brand and strategy director at digital disruptor Farfetch, an e-commerce company partnered with over 700 of the world’s best luxury boutiques.

After starting her career in Paris working on trend development, Tide-Frater went on to work for Selfridges, Harrods and Victoria Beckham in strategic creative roles, learning what a successful career as a buyer or merchandiser entails and experiencing the glamour along the way — all of which she shares on her course for BoF.

A participant said of Tide-Frater’s course: “I very much liked how the course goes in depth through the different processes within the buying and merchandising roles and included useful sources such as interviews, articles, data and graphs that very much enhanced the learning experience”

Fashion History for Today with Colin McDowell MBE, fashion writer, journalist and academic

Colin McDowell, MBE | Source: BoF

“We look at the fascinating period of fashion which started with The New Look coming right up to Alexander McQueen, another cataclysmic moment in fashion,” explains acclaimed fashion expert Colin McDowell, one of the most influential and internationally respected figures within the global fashion community.

Through his position as chief fashion writer of The Sunday Times Style and as founder the Fashion Fringe initiative, McDowell has played an integral role in the support and growth of the fashion industry, which led to his award of an MBE by Queen Elizabeth II in 2008. Following the publication of several books, curation of museum exhibitions and over 20 years at Style, his knowledge of fashion history is essential for anyone who wishes to work in the fashion sector, irrespective of the role they wish to work in.

One participant said the course “provides insightful, encyclopaedic and witty commentary on the most pivotal events that have shaped our industry”, while another said the course is “really well made, very clear, easy but precise.”

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