And the crime capital of the country is…

The National Crime Records Bureau has released data for all crimes recorded in the country in 2015.

Under various parameters, data has been classified to show how states and major cities fare. accessed the data and here are the findings. 

Crimes against women

The year 2015 witnessed a reduction in crime against women as compared to 2014 with the registration of 3,27,394 cases under the head of crimes against women as compared to 3,37,922 cases in 2014. A total of 34,651 rapes were recorded in 2015 with Madhya Pradesh topping the list with most cases.


According to the NCRB data, 32, 127 murders occurred in 2015.

Of those, the most took place in Bihar, making it the most violent state in the country.


Incidents of rioting remained almost the same in 2015 as compared to 2014, but as communal riots decreased, big increases were seen in other categories — agrarian, sectarian and student riots and caste conflicts.

Most crimes 

From a total of 29,49,400 cases of crimes recorded in India, the maximum was recorded from Maharashtra with 2,75,414 cases. Mr Fadnavis, are you listening?

Crime rate from 2010- 2015

Overall, incidents of crime in 2015 increased by only 3.4 per cent over 2014 to 7.3 million.
Crime capital of India

Kollam, a city in southern Kerala with a population of 11 lakh, beat the likes of mega-cities Delhi and Mumbai in high incidence of crime in 2015.

Data shows the Kerala city with a crime rate of 1194.3. The crime rate is the incidence of crime per 1,00,000 population.