Dear moms-to-be, make sure you have these 5 things in your bag when stepping out

There are plenty of things you can do to make your journey as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Mothers-to-be today are constantly on their toes. During pregnancy not only is your body changing but your hormones are also surging, and in many ways you’re more susceptible to health and hygiene issues. But there are plenty of things you can do to make your journey as safe and enjoyable as possible and to prepare for what’s to come. Here’s a list of must carry essentials suggested by Vikas Bagaria, Founder of PeeSafe, a toilet seat sanitizer spray brand and Jaskiranpreet, an advisor to Credihealth- a medical assistance company, for mothers-to-be while going out.

* Water and munchies: Drinking water during pregnancy is very important since it helps your baby grow healthy, reduces painful pregnancy symptoms, and keeps your body hydrated for better mental and physical performance. Thus, a water bottle tops the list of must carry essentials for mommies to be. Tuck a water bottle into your bag along side a few portable snack like raw almonds, an apple in case hunger strikes without warning.

* Toilet seat sanitizer spray: Finding a clean toilet while travelling is a daunting task for everyone and it gets even more crucial, and at times painful for mommies-to-be. A toilet seat sanitiser also prevents unwanted infections and UTI.

* Antacid tablets: Most women experience symptoms of indigestion during pregnancy, including heartburn. Although it’s typically a harmless condition, heartburn can cause extreme discomfort and can linger until your baby is born. Over-the-counter antacids are generally harmless when taken during pregnancy and can quickly ease symptoms.

* Heating pad: Using a heating pad during pregnancy to ease lower back pain, sore muscles, or aching joints is safe and won’t harm your baby because moderate heat applied to just one area of your body won’t raise your overall core body temperature. Moreover, most heating pads are handy and easy to use, and portable.

* Mini medicine kit: Carrying a small medicine kit with prescribed prenatal vitamins is a must have for every expecting Women. Prenatal vitamins and supplements are beneficial for all pregnant women as they ensure an adequate amount of essential nutrients for you and your baby.