Ek tha Raja Ek thi Rani 22nd August 2016 full episode written update: Jeevan and Lovi conspire to separate Raja, Rani

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Rani goes and meets Raja and asks him to stop this wedding and she starts crying. Raja wipes her tears and she says that she’s already in love with him, how can he wipe that off? Rani goes back when Jeevan comes and tells her not to believe or trust Raja for he’s just acting. Rani tells him that Raja is naming his love for her as friendship and Jeevan is taking their friendship as love.

Lovi and Jeevan meet and conspire to create differences between Rani and Raja. They are thinking about each other when both of them get hurt while walking and Rani thinks as if Raja is with him. She spots Raja from the balcony and calls him and runs to see him. Her dupatta catches fire but she leaves it there and runs to see that he’s gone and cries there. Raja cries too and gets hurt by a car. Lovi meets him the next day and tries to brainwash him and gain his trust according to Jeevan’s plan.

Amrita watches Raja dancing but senses his pain. He comes to her and tells her to get ready for the mehndi function and he’ll have to bring Rani. Dadu talks to Rani about how auspicious the day is and gives her their one and only ancestral pendant, gifted to her mother by her father. Raja walks in asks why isn’t she ready yet. Lovi is with Jeevan, warning him that Raja can never stop loving Rani.

Rani hands Raja her jewellery and says if he’s so keen to get her married, he should help her get ready. Lovi keeps regretting that Raja and Rani should not have been left alone. Raja makes Rani wear all the jewellery one by one and even the necklace given by Dadu, which almost means they are married. Rani sees the necklace and wonders about what Dadu said and goes to Raja.