Xiaomi Redmi Pro’s OLED panel is made by Chinese companies: Report

Xiaomi Redmi Pro features a 5.5-inch OLED display and a dual rear camera (Source: Xiaomi/Twitter)

Xiaomi has officially announced Redmi Pro in China. After teasing for quite some time, the device was unveiled with dual-rear camera and an OLED display.

Xiaomi is claiming 100 per cent colour gamut and a superior 60000:1 contrast ratio. The specifications are enough to question whether this OLED panel is from Samsung but the report by Xiaomi Today claims the panel is made by Chinese companies BOE and EverDisplay. The report states EverDisplay (Hui) is the first supplier while BOE is roped in as the second supplier.

The technology behind OLED is so expensive that most smartphone makers have stayed away from using that technology. Samsung, LG and only few others manufacture that kind of panel and the technology is extensively used in the television industry these days.

The smartphone industry generally uses AMOLED display, which is a form of OLED panel with active transistors acting as a switch. The technology is used to accurately enable or disable to sub-pixels of the display panel. The report further states that cost factor is the major reason why Xiaomi opted for OLED panel from a local manufacturer and not an established brand like Samsung.

The OLED panels tend to be thinner and draw less power than conventional LCD displays. Xiaomi’s adoption of OLED panel for a smartphone that is priced at 1,999 Yuan (approximately Rs 20,142) is a sign in the right direction but the bigger question being whether these locally sourced displays be as vibrant or colour rich as the ones from Samsung?